Whenever we hear the word “plastic,” it is almost always related to waste and non-biodegradable products that pile up in our dumpsites after use. Many people are now aware of the current situation of our environment. We are on the verge of being overwhelmed by plastic waste that has accumulated over the past decades. We are in a tight race to somehow alleviate the problem and reduce the need to use plastic.

Taking these factors into consideration, we must understand that not all plastic products are completely bad. We all benefit from plastics, from household items to industrial items, that made our lives easier. However, it is very important to understand that plastic is likely here to stay, and what we can do about it is to reroute its purpose and use it as a long-lasting item. 

In this article, we aim to provide information about reusable plastic straws and how to maximize their purpose. We also delve into how plastic straws can become an alternative to the conventional reusable straws that we will be discussing later. We look into care considerations and determine how great of an impact a purchase can have, not only on our lives as day-to-day consumers but also on our planet.

Reusable Straws At A Glance

Plastic straws are consistently associated with disposable waste. They are made of a thin layer of synthetic material, making them lightweight and good for single use. At the surface, this is a very convenient approach, until we realize that we are producing more waste than ever before. 

Studies have shown that in the continental U.S. alone, more than 500 million plastic straws are used and subsequently discarded each day. Imagine the massive mound of trash that will result from collecting all those straws in one open area, and think of the number of straws that will accumulate after a week, a month, or a year. This is a serious issue that has grave implications on our future, and from this perspective, reusable plastic straws, such as reusable hard plastic straws, came to be.

Reusable straws are more durable than conventional disposable straws. They deviate from the usual reusable straws, which are either made of metal or silicone. They gain an upper hand in terms of being lightweight and portable, and they are also dishwasher safe, which is sometimes a problem with some silicone-based reusable straws. Reusable straws come in different colors and are made from 100% BPA-free raw materials.

The direct advantage of reusable straws, such as hard plastic straws, is their ease of use. When we say ease of use, we mean the overall usage experience, from sipping, to cleaning, to storage. 

While reusable straws share the same principle as metal straws and silicone straws, they seem to be easier to clean, perhaps due to the nature of the material, which is less susceptible to residue. There are reusable plastic straws that are slightly pliable or bendable, although reusable hard plastic straws are more popular and convenient. 

Another aspect worth considering is that reusable straws in general—and this is very common among hard plastic straws—seem to have better and brighter color options. If aesthetics is a large part of your buying considerations, then reusable straws can easily win you over because they come in a wide array of brilliant colors.

Reusable Hard Plastic Straws: Our Recommendations

Reusable straws are abundant in the market, so we are definitely sure that you’ll find what you want. These products showcase the strongest points that come with having a set of hard plastic straws, and they have generally received above-average feedback from verified purchases. Here are some of our recommendations worth checking:

Cupture Reusable And Unbreakable Color Straws

Cupture Reusable And Unbreakable Color Straws

As its name implies, Cupture showcases two of its most important features: being one of the reusable hard plastic straws, as well as one of the unbreakable reusable plastic straws in the market. Made from non-toxic and BPA-free materials, Cupture reusable and unbreakable color straws are made from solid colored plastics and not just painted on the outside (which can lead to chipping due to frequent use).Cupture reusable and unbreakable color straws are very durable and are slightly pliable, enabling them to absorb the tension applied to the material. The wall is also very sturdy and thick, as it measures 1.0 mm. The package also includes a brush for cleaning.

Cupture Reusable And Unbreakable Color Straws

Made with strong unbreakable 100% non-toxic, BPA free materials 10" long with ring near one end to prevent slipping out of the lid 1.0mm sturdy and thick wall.


Dakoufish Reusable Clear Plastic Glitter Sparkle Drinking Straw

Dakoufish Reusable Clear Plastic Glitter Sparkle Drinking Straw

If you want color far from conventional and monotone straws to spice up your drinking experience, you can never go wrong with Dakoufish Reusable Clear Plastic Glitter Sparkle Drinking Straw. Primarily made of hard plastic, this FDA-certified and BPA-free straw will surely add life to any party because it never compromises on style and color. The glitters are embedded into the material, so you are guaranteed that sparkles will significantly boost the aesthetic appeal of any drink. 

Dakoufish Reusable Clear Plastic Glitter Sparkle Drinking Straw

Package by 12 piece straws,2 of each color Made to be used over and over - better for environment than disposable straws Hard plastic materia.


Lee Outdoor Reusable Plastic Colored Straws By AMZSOCKETS

Lee Outdoor Reusable Plastic Colored Straws By AMZSOCKETS

Lee outdoor reusable plastic colored straws by AMZSOCKETS offer great length at 9” and are thicker and more durable than usual straws. This is also generously packed with 25 pieces of straws per set, talk about a great outdoor party. The good thing about Lee outdoor reusable plastic colored straws by AMZSOCKETS is that they are made of high-quality, food-grade material that leaves no plastic or rubbery smell or residue, even after frequent use.

Lee Outdoor Reusable Plastic Colored Straws By AMZSOCKETS

Specifications: 25 pack 9 Inch straws. Diameter: 0.3 Inch. Brush: 9 Inch long. Safe Material: It’s no toxic and FDA approved. No harm to your body. Great length for mason jar.


Razita Slyire Reusable Straws 

Razita Slyire Reusable Straws

Razita slyire reusable plastic straws is a very party-forward set of hard plastic straws because of its dreamy, spiral lines in bright colors of red, pink, yellow, and purple. The Razita slyire reusable straws is made from eco-friendly plastic material that has been rated to be food grade and BPA free. Just like most reusable straws, the slyire reusable straws can be trimmed shorter to fit in smaller cups or any size you may require.

Razita Slyire Reusable Straws

Set of 32 pieces (30 straws + 2 straw brushes) reusable straws- 9 Inch Length /0.23 Inner Diameter / 0.29 Outside Diameter including red, pink, purple, sapphire, yellow and green colors. Made of Eco-friendly food grade plastic material, sturdy, unbreakable and BPA FREE.


Tips On How To Prolong The Life Of Reusable Straws

Just like any consumer item, reusable plastic straws will require much-needed TLC in order to have a prolonged life. These items are generally robust, but in order to ensure longevity, you must keep these tips in mind. The steps are very easy to follow. They will not take too much time and are not complicated at all.

Always Read Care Instructions

Reusable straws come with care instructions, which are not very long or complicated, so it they are fairly easy to follow and understand. In general, the care instructions include dishwasher safety, as well as ideal operating temperature range to maintain the structural integrity of the straw. 

Avoid Excessive Heat Exposure

As plastic reacts to significantly increased temperature, it is very important to keep the straws away from direct sunlight, especially when the exposure will be for a very long time. This makes them brittle, and the internal layer might soften or become deformed. In general, if you will be spending time outdoors, such as having a day in the beach, make sure your straws are in a cooler placed in a well-shaded spot when not in use.

Clean And Store Properly

Most reusable plastic straws come with a tiny brush to ensure thorough cleaning of the inner layer, and this can be done with soap and water. Make sure that you rinse them well to prevent soap or food particles from remaining inside the tube. Storage should be in a cool and dry place or in a carry-on container to ensure that the straws are ready for the next use. Moreover, do not overdo the brushing as you might damage the inner layer of the straw because of too much abrasive force.

The Simple Purchase That Goes A Long Way

You might think this is just one of those simple purchase consideration articles about reusable straws. Although this might sound like a very minute buying decision, the ripples and effects of your purchase will go a very long way. When you buy reusable straws, you save yourself not just the money from buying disposable straws but also the time and effort to dispose of them. You also save our environment, one disposable straw at a time. This is a very good initiative that might be small in the eyes of others, but is actually a purchase that can have an impact on your life and on the environment.


Buying the correct set of products, no matter how big or small the purpose is, will have a long-term effect on your life as a daily consumer. These simple purchases have a significant impact, especially if you’re the type of consumer who uses multiple straws each day for personal use, for business, or for the family. For others, this is a small, baby step towards an environment-conscious lifestyle. However, imagine the gravity of this baby step when more and more people commit to saving the environment and utilizing reusable household items. You might be surprised by how significant the effect will be.

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