Welcome to our guide on organic shampoo for hair loss, we review the best organic shampoo for hair loss, and also look at 100% organic shampoo for hair growth.

In a sense, organic shampoo for hair loss has become quite easy given how frequently they are found as well as the variety of options that they come in. If you where to shop online for an organic hair loss shampoo you’ll find hundreds of all natural shampoos that will ship right to your front door. However, determining which of these shampoos is the best can pose quite the challenge.

What To Look For

So what exactly should you be on the lookout for when buyin the best organic shampoo for hair loss? There are a number of natural ingredients that will keep your hair smooth, oil free and healthy. Ingredients such as lemon and tea tree oil will cleanse your hair and scalp, preventing any excess oil from accumulating in your hair. Other natural ingredients like maca root, rahua oil, vitamin E, and argan oil will help nourish your hair as well as keep it hydrated, smooth and free of damage or split ends.

If you are looking for an organic hair loss shampoo that can add a little extra body and volume to your hair, be sure to keep an eye out for products with biotin in order to boost both overall thickness and hair growth.

Whether you already use organic shampoo for hair loss or are finally ready to make the switch, we have selected some of the best options that will have what you need for your fine hair. Each of the shampoos listed are made using all natural ingredients and are guaranteed to keep your hair balanced, full, and healthy.

Why You Always Lying?

Although we are surrounded by products that claim to be organic, we may think that finding (organic) shampoo for hair loss is easy. However, many of these brands falsely advertised their products as all natural, utilizing predominantly harmful chemicals when manufacturing their shampoos. 

If a brand product contains just one plant based ingredient, then they end up advertising it as an all natural product. In the shampoo industry, the words truly organic have little meaning. Many companies tend to claim that their products are organic, natural, and clean, however in most cases, these statements are never confirmed by government agencies in the United States. 

Governmental Concern

The Federal Trade Commission has shown great concern with brands falsely advertising their products as all natural, when in reality they are using harmful synthetics to manufacture the product, such as phenoxyethanol or dimethicone. However, any products you may find bearing the USDA organic certification are guaranteed to not contain any sulfates at all. So at the end of the day, which of the best organic shampoo for hair loss are considered top for both you and the environment?

When Organic Does Not Necessarily Mean Organic

Crafting an organic shampoo can actually prove to be more difficult than you think. Looking from a technological perspective, not all the essential ingredients used for manufacturing shampoo can be classified as organic. Most brands have done their very best by pairing mainly organic ingredients with a few key essentials. Although these essential extras might not be completely organic, they are still safe to use. However, some brands have actually been able to manufacture shampoos using a careful selection of all natural ingredients and in doing so were able to receive government certification.

When buying an organic shampoo for hair growth, be sure to check the products label for ingredients that seem familiar. Focus on products that contain oils such as coconut, aloe, sunflower, green tea and any other ingredients that you would normally feel safe spreading on your toast.

Good For You, Good For The Earth

Organic shampoo for growing hair can be used by both men and women with any and all types of hair. They are also perfect for those who have allergies or sensitive scalps. Most cheap shampoos will end up doing more damage to your hair than good, as you’re just exposing yourself to harsh chemicals used to manufacture the product. 

If you want to get your hands on a premium quality, organic shampoo then you will need to pay a bit more than what you would normally pay for a cheaper shampoo, however after just one wash with a reliable organic shampoo for hair growth you’ll quickly realise that your money is being well spent.

The Review

Below you will find a review of four of the best organic shampoos for hair loss we could find on the market. We investigated the brands and found they are all ecologically sound; the ingredients are as good as it gets. Regular washing with these shampoos will give your hair the best chance they have of making a recovery. 

They cannot promise they will restore your head of hair to its former glory but they will certainly help. More than this you can rest assured that the production of these products is not causing any undue harm to the environment so even if you are losing the war for a full head of hair you still winning the battle to save the earth.

Argan Oil Shampoo For Thin Hair

aple Holistics Argan Shampoo For Thin Hair

This company primarily focuses on both the beauty and the health of the consumer. This shampoo is made using natural ingredients only then to be enhanced by pure natural oils. In doing this, the company has been given the ability to harness the healing powers of mother nature and provide it to the public via an ultra nourishing hair care and skin care shampoo.

This product also contains essential oils packed with youth preserving minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. All the products made by this company are manufactured using simple and naturally sourced ingredients that are cruelty free and paraben free, making you naturally beautiful on both the inside and outside.

The secret to having gorgeous and lustrous hair starts within the shower.

The shampoo you use in the shower can have a huge impact on your hair and unfortunately many of these cheap shampoos only end up stripping the essential moisture out. This can result in frizz, dryness, breakage, as well as a dull and colourless look. This shampoo is packed with seed oil, avocado oil, peach kernel oil, and of course, argan oil. These all natural ingredients will work together in order to replenish and nourish your hair while at the same time enhancing its smoothness, resilience and shine. 

At the end of the day, this shampoo will gently wash your hair without stripping it of any essential moisture as well as improving your hair’s strength, manageability and softness. This product is also guaranteed to promote both a healthy scalp and a soft texture from the root all the way to the tip.

Argan Oil Shampoo For Thin Hair

Restores hydration and health to damaged hair. This shampoo promotes hair growth.


PURA D’OR Gold Label Anti-Thinning Shampoo & Conditioner

PURA D’OR Anti-Thinning Shampoo And Conditioner

This company is driven by the desire to provide you with superior solutions to some of your toughest beauty and personal care problems. By using their products, you will experience purity and nature in every formula thanks to the combination of carefully selected premium oils, natural ingredients and a natural based preservative system. 

Based in Southern California, this company is dedicated to providing the public with a variety of environmentally friendly products while using both recyclable packaging and renewable energy.

With leading ingredients to make the perfect plant based formula, this company has been able to manufacture a shampoo and conditioner that is clinically tested and proven to reduce hair thinning by promoting hair thickness and strength with increased volume and reducing breakage. After just eight weeks of daily use, users will start to show thicker and healthier hair. This product promotes thickness by reducing breakage and decreases thinning. 

PURA D’OR Anti-Thinning Shampoo And Conditioner

A cleansing and thickening Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner set made with 17 Key Active Ingredients to eliminate the sources of thinning hair.


TruePure Natural Caffeine Hair Growth Shampoo

TruePure Caffeine Enhanced Hair Growth Shampoo

The company was founded in Florida with a vision to create a paradigm shift with the battle for healthy hair. A number of men and women struggle with unhealthy hair or hair loss. Not to mention, these negative conditions are only amplified by the many hair care and hair support products you will find on the market.

This company is working hard to change all of that and are looking to improve both the quality and standards of hair care products. Their mission is to maximize both scalp and hair health as well as completely eliminate any negative effects, such as hair loss or unhealthy hair.

After years of research and commitment, a solution was finally found. The company was able to discover an array of ingredients with untold benefits. They would later find a way to harness these benefits and create formulas that would reinvigorate, revitalize and replenish. By using this company’s products you can find the complete answer to boosting your hairs health, whether it be from damaged hair, scalp irritation or hair loss.

Nature had greatly helped the company into fulfilling their mission, so the company wanted to return the favor and thank nature back. All of their products are free of animal cruelty and no testing is conducted on any animals whatsoever. This company will always remain truly pure in both their mission and their magnificent ingredients. 

Made with some of the finest natural ingredients, this shampoo is an incredibly effective product to use. It is manufactured using Non-GMO ingredients and is also free of parabens and sulfates. It is considered to be one of the best shampoos for both men and women with any and all types of hair. The shampoo itself is infused with CoffeePure complex which makes it extremely effective for smoothing your hair while at the same time adding shine and luster. Not only is this product free of any kind of irritants, but it also comes with a fragrance free, plant based formula made using a variety of natural ingredients such as organic Aloe Vera.

TruePure Caffeine Enhanced Hair Growth Shampoo

Infused with a hair essential combination of caffeine, red clover, and niacin, our vitamin-rich natural shampoo for women and men. Promotes healthy hair growth and vibrance.


B The Product – Biotin Hair Growth Shampoo And Conditioner

B The Product, Biotin Hair Growth Shampoo And Conditioner

This company has been able to come out with a shampoo and conditioner that is guaranteed to stimulate your hair growth. This premium quality, Biotin infused shampoo and conditioner adds shine, smoothness and strength to weak, thin hair. Using this shampoo regularly will make your hair thicker, fuller and healthier. This high potency, Biotin formulated shampoo not only encourages hair growth, but it also prevents breakage.

This product is made using aloe vera for soothing and calming, pro vitamin B5 to add shine, cucumber extract that adds incredible moisture and is guaranteed to be both sulfate and paraben free. Located in California, all the company’s products are frequently tested and free of animal cruelty.

When it comes to using the shampoo, start off by simply massaging it into your scalp. As you do this, the shampoo will ultimately activate the root of your hair and support stronger hair growth. Then proceed to rinse off the shampoo thoroughly. Then apply the Biotin conditioner onto your hair. What the conditioner will end up doing is provide your hair with a second wave of Biotin to ensure full saturation.

Biotin is known for increasing both hair strength and elasticity allowing the hair to grow thicker and healthier as it revitalizes roots and follicles. What many don’t know is that if you were to apply biotin directly to your hair, you would be getting the exact same benefits as if you were to ingest orally a biotin vitamin. By applying a hair conditioner and shampoo made using biotin, it will not only help to increase the diameter of each existing hair, but it will also strengthen the roots of the hair strands.

B The Product, Biotin Hair Growth Shampoo And Conditioner

Increases both hair elasticity and strength enabling the hair to grow healthier and thicker as it rejuvenates the roots and follicles.

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