Welcome to our review of the best natural polish remover. Our guide concentrates only on the top all natural nail polish remover; plus, we have a look at how to make natural polish remover. That’s right! We actually show you how to make your own nail polish remover at home.

Green Products for a Green World

There have been significant efforts to remove harsh, toxic chemicals from natural color nail polish remover. This drive toward more natural and healthier nail products has encouraged reputable brands to come up with product lines that satisfy their customers’ needs. So, we now have a natural color nail polish remover that has no acetone in it, especially because acetone is a chemical that can leave your nails and cuticles, dry, weak, and brittle.

Toxicity Damages Indiscriminately

The issue of harmful chemicals in nail polish products, including natural color nail polish remover, came to prominence with a study from Duke University, which found that chemicals in nail polish do not only sit on top of your nails but also get absorbed into the body. The main culprits are formaldehyde and phthalate, whereas other chemicals in the mix include triphenyl phosphate, resin, and camphor. 

The people behind the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics believe that those who use and work with normal nail polish and nail polish removers, such as salon staff, may be at risk from the abrasive chemicals that are among the components of traditional nail polish. 

The good news is that there are tons of great natural color nail polish remover options that give you the power to remove nail polish without messing with your body.

Non-toxic natural color nail polish remover options can be distinguished through their “free label,” the most common being “3-free’” They trend toward all natural nail polish remover options that are vegan friendly while also promoting “no animal testing” labels, especially with the increasing education of consumers on the real methods behind the manufacture of nail polish removers.

Make Your Own Natural Polish Remover

Here are four super simple DIY nail polish removers you can try at home. You won’t believe how simple it can be to remove nail polish with everyday products found around the home.

Lemon Juice Jones: Lemon is considered to be an effective natural ingredient that works as a great all natural polish remover. It is also a common ingredient used in manicures. All it takes is for you to rub a slice of lemon on your nails and then remove the nail polish.

Ingredients you will need:

●     Warm water mixed with soap

●     Slice of lemon

How It Works with Lemon Juice Jones

●     Soak the fingers with nail polish in the warm, soapy water for about three to five minutes.

●     Then, take a slice of lemon and use it instead of a traditional nail polish remover that is commonly available. This will help by making the nail paint softer in order to facilitate its removal.

●     Use nail oil or a moisturizer to maintain your nails’ health upon completing the previous steps.

Organic White Vinegar

Vinegar is an acidic ingredient that is useful for breaking down nail polish. It can also be easily found at your local supermarket or maybe even lying around your home.

Ingredients you will need:

●     Lemon Juice

●     Cotton ball

●     Vinegar

How it works with Vinegar

  1. Soak your nails in warm water for about ten to fifteen minutes before removing the nail polish.
  2. Mix the same amount of vinegar and juice from lemons.
  3. Stir gently. Take a ball of cotton and soak it. Then, place the cotton ball on top of your fingernail. Hold it for ten to twenty seconds.
  4. After this, wipe the polish off using the cotton ball. Keep in mind that it could take more time than initially estimated to remove the nail paint if you have applied several coats.
  5. Be sure to apply nail oil or moisturizer after you have finished.

Party Time 70% Alcohol:

Rubbing alcohol is also a viable alternative if you don’t have vinegar or lemon juice for making your very own homemade natural nail polish remover DIY. It is less harsh and more natural than the chemicals found in most commercial removers. Using alcohol as a nail polish remover can also be beneficial to those suffering from nail infections, given how it possesses antibacterial properties.

Ingredients you will need:

●     Cotton ball

●     Rubbing alcohol

●     Bowl of warm water

How it works with Alcohol

  1. Prepare a bowl with warm water where you can soak your nails for several minutes.
  2. Get a ball of cotton and pour on some alcohol. Use this to wipe off the nail polish.
  3. To ensure that your fingernails remain healthy, use cuticle oil or a moisturizer.

Deodorant, but Not as You Know It

Acetone is one of the main ingredients used in most store-bought nail polish removers. However, this can be harsh on the skin. Meanwhile, deodorants also possess solvents that can work as an incredible natural nail polish remover DIY.

Ingredients you will need:

●     Cotton ball

●     Deodorant spray

How it works with Deodorant

  1. Make sure that you are not allergic to the spray deodorant you are going to use.
  2. Grab your deodorant can, and spray it over your nails, keeping the nozzle at a close range.
  3. Then, wipe the nail polish off using a cotton ball. Deodorants have acetone and alcohol in them that will help to remove the nail paint quickly and clean your nails.

Pro Tips for DIY Nail Polish Removers

These methods are only a few alternatives that you can choose when removing your nail polish. Although these options may not have the same effectivity as most nail polish removers, given that the main component for nail polish removal is acetone, which is completely absent in this case.

If you decide to use a nail polish remover in order to eliminate nail polish, be sure to use something that doesn’t dry quickly. It’s usually best to wipe it off when it’s still wet. If it ends up drying, it may become more challenging to remove.

Make sure to apply cuticle oil or moisturizer once you have removed the nail polish. By doing this, you can ensure the good health of your fingernails.

I’m sure that at first glance, many of you wouldn’t think that all these ordinary household items would be capable of getting the job done. Now, you have a number of alternatives, as well as backup options, for removing your nail polish. So, the next time you end up running out of nail polish remover, try giving one of these homemade recipes a try.


Thanks to cutting-edge innovation, the nail industry has managed to go a long way in recent years. There is now a variety of non-toxic formulas being developed that show no real difference in finish or wear when compared to regular removers. You can be sure to trust our independent reviews. We have done the research, and we approve each of the brands in the review below. We also provide you with links to where you can purchase these items.

 The Review

KARMA Unscented Nail Polish Remover with Vitamin E

Karma Organic Nail Polish Remover

This product will completely defy your conventional thinking on how regular nail polish removers function and the odors they emit. This all natural polish remover is manufactured with an oil-based formula that will actually nourish the nail bed rather than drying it out while doing so gently, quickly, and efficiently. 

An added bonus is the acetone-free nature of this product, as well as it being completely free of any toxic smells. 

In the majority of cases, it should only take one ball of cotton that has been soaked with the solution to remove the polish from your fingernails. This organic nail polish remover may be utilized for all kinds of nail paint and is not restricted to working on just nail polishes produced by Karma. 

Many of those trying this product for the first time tend to react in “shock” when they first smell this nail polish remover. Customer reviews have been significantly positive, with the users quickly becoming avid users of Karma, not just because of its pleasant aroma but also because this remover ensures the health of the nail bed rather than drying it out. 

Keep in mind that this nail polish remover is not considered suitable for acrylic or gel treated nails.

Karma Organic Nail Polish

Karma Organic Unscented nail polish remover can be used for all kinds and brands of nail paint. Offers a pleasant aroma.


COTE Acetone Free Polish Remover


This acetone all natural polish remover is much gentler and less drying than most traditional acetone removers. This product is guaranteed to gently wipe away any polish while also providing you with a clean nail bed that is free of chalky residue. However, what truly completes this product is its fragrant essence of wild sea rose.

The main focus is to take out the toxins from the nail treatment experience. Bearing this in mind, all of the company’s polishes are produced without using any of the major toxins and allergens that are commonly associated with most nail polish removers. These include camphor and phthalate. This product is also vegan and cruelty-free.


Gentler and less drying than traditional acetone. From a brand with values - vegan and cruelty-free.


Karma Lavender Nail Polish Remover Wipes

Karma Nail Polish Remover Wipes;

This lavender nail polish remover pack of wipes will remove and wipe clean even the darkest and mot pigmented of polishes. These wipes have been tested to remove nail polish in a quick and easy fashion. 

The wipes themselves are free from toxic chemicals, alcohol, and acetone, which can damage your nails and dry out your skin. Once the nail paint has been removed using the wipes, fingernails retain a lot of moisture, which helps them to return to their beautiful and natural state.

Karma Nail Polish Remover Wipes

Lavender natural nail polish remover wipes that clean effecively. Natural and free from toxic chemicals, alcohol, and acetone.

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