Welcome to our review of where to find the best natural nail polish colours, if you’re looking for the most natural-looking nail polish colours then our guide is just for you.

Nude Fashion

There are some fashion styles that we can definitely say will never age, such as baseball caps. The same can be said for natural nail polish colors or as they are sometimes called nude nails. The beauty of nude nail polish is that it gives you a particular look of strong independent capability. There’s always something special about a nail polish that can definitely make you look amazing no matter what time of the year you’re in.

Nevertheless, along with a red lipstick, blush, and foundation, nude nail polish can also hold its place in a collection of different styles. It can be tricky to match the best skin tones with the correct natural nail polish colors. Luckily for you we’ve written a full on guide to the shades of (natural) nail polish colors and guide to which will work best for you.

All You Need To Know About Nude Nails

Adding natural nail polish colors may look easy, however, understanding what the experts say may take some time. See for yourself with these tips and remember to steer clear of the cuticle.

Always avoid the cuticle area however if you do get a little polish on the skin wipe it off immediately. A great tip is to dip a cuticle brush in nail polish remover and use it to brush over the paint on your skin till it’s gone.

Try to apply two thin coats, then one thicker, to avoid any streaking, depending on your desired opacity. The third coat is applied a little thicker to even everything out. Use a generous amount of top coat to smooth out the polish.

Remember To Moisturize Your Nails

You should always moisturize your nails, they breathe just like any other part of your body and they lose moisture with the application of natural nail polish colors. You have to keep them healthy and beautiful so make sure your cuticles are all good. Maybe spend a little extra on cuticle oil or lotion like almond oil, keep them in your bag or purse so you can apply them whenever you need to.

What Shades Of Nail Polish Colors  Match Skin Tones

Light Skin Tones 

If you have a lighter skin, it would be best not to use the white nor beige nude (natural) nail polish colors. They can get washed out. The real reason you should be wearing nudes it to be standing out. Sheer pink would be a great option as they can give a sense of warmth and would be a great contrast to your pale skin, for example, a rose or a nice blush.

Medium Skin Tones

A medium type skin might use a nice beige or a light tan shade, with a great yellow or even a nice golden undertone. Olive has got a greater comfort to it than medium tone which it has more of a brown shade to it.

When you first use natural nail polish colors you should avoid soft brown or warm mauves as they might blend too much into your skin. It’d be best for you to go for a lighter, brighter pinkish nude that can incline on the cooler side. If you do not like the pink style, then why not try out the pale taupes or light beige, to get the right natural looking nail polish colors you desire.

Darker Skin Tones

When you’re looking for the right natural looking nail polish colors, try to find a shade that won’t flatten your tone. A nice bright shade can offer contrast, rich, dark nudes are completely wonderful look. Think of comfort.


The fashion industry has gone through some tough times recently with all the noise about the chemicals that go into the popular high street products. The good news for all consumers is that there are currently plenty of non-toxic formulas on the market that show very little difference in application and look from the traditional toxic varieties. Below you will find our top 4 natural nail polish brands and links to where you can get them online at the best prices.

 The Review

Essie Ballet Slippers Nail Polish

Essie Ballet Slippers Nail Polish

It’s a classic pale pink polish that’s graced with a little sheer finish. Truly a famous colour to be known in. This wonderful product comes with loads of different shades, from classics like the ballet slipper, to trendsetting nail polish colours, straight from a runway; great quality with a wonder glossy shine.

For decades Essie has been the authority and leader in nail luxury due to its product range. Use with a base coat so it lasts longer. The benefits of using this product are a variety of shades, a wonder glossy shine, a flawless covering capacity, and outstanding durability. The brush is highly durable and fits every nail size for a streak-free finish.

Essie Nail Polish, Glossy Shine Finish, Ballet Slippers, 0.46 fl. oz

An eternal manicurist and fashion stylist favorite, Essie's classic pale pink nail polish is graced with a subtle, sheer finish. this beloved award-winning essential is an iconic color for all seasons.


L’Oreal Doutzen’s Nude

L’Oreal Doutzen’s Nude

Your fantasy colour is now at the tip of your fingers with L’Oreal Doutzen’s Nude. An exclusive formula that’ll deliver intense colour, luxury shine and a 10-day wear when combined with the Colour Riche One Stop Base. This product has an extremely beautiful well made base coat.

It comes with a great brush that is extremely durable and accurate in application. Now accessible in 6 custom created nude shades used by the stars when gracing the catwalks. Colour Riche makeup offers a spectrum of lovely colours from a naturally nude to the enchantingly breathtaking.

L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Nail Color Nude Privee Collection

A unique formula that delivers intense color and luxurious shine. With patented brush for ultimate control and precise application


Cote Natural Color Coral Pink Polish

Cote Natural Color Coral Pink Polish

Cote started because of the founders concerns with toxins in the fashion application industry. Therefore all of Cote’s nail polishes are made free from major toxins and allergens that are often identified with nail polishes. This natural product is animal free and vegan friendly, free from formaldehyde, phthalate, toluene, camphor, and formaldehyde resin.

The light fluffy coral pink comes in a 0.4oz bottle free of the common toxins correlated with nail polishes. The bottles are made from Italian glass and feature the best of the best line brushes, allowing you to have full control of every stroke. Cote is made in the United States of America.

Cote Toxin Free Nail Polish

Cruelty-free, vegan and free of the major toxins associated with nail polish: formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), toluene, camphor, formaldehyde resin and triphenyl phosphate (TPHP).


Smith & Cult Nail Base Coat

Smith & Cult Nail Base Coat

Not only do these gorgeous bottle stand out on the shelf, but the polishes eight free formula is guaranteed to protect your hands from some harsher nail polish ingredients such as camphor, formaldehyde, and resin. This individual expression of beauty, reflects who we are, and aspires to become so much more. 

After several days of using this lacquer, your nails will still look flawless and unchipped. Smith & Cult has over thirty shades within the eight free range and have been able to formulate some of the most natural nail polish on the market.

This nail lacquer base coat is both vegan friendly and high performance. The gluten-free formula is made without the use of harmful chemicals such as Formaldehyde Resin, Dibutyl Phthalate Formaldehyde, Xylene, Camphor, and Phosphate.

The drying time will take around ten minutes and unlike most natural base coats, it dissolves quickly when being removed. The base coat itself can last up to a week without chipping. Not only is this a great natural vegan product, but it also comes in a beautifully styled bottle which is definitely something you will want to display on your vanity table.

Smith & Cult Nail Lacquer Base Coat

Vegan friendly, long wear and provides a smooth coverage. The gluten-free formula is made without the use of harmful chemicals.

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