Here’s our review and buying guide of the top 5 natural handmade soaps. Formulated naturally and 100% organic we review Zaaina natural handmade soaps.

Scientific Advancement

Thanks to the technological advancements in modern times with regard to the beauty industry, a number of advanced cleansing formulas have been discovered, leading to the creation of these handmade soaps that are not just natural but also organic. When searching for the best natural soaps that are handmade, you need to be mindful of the process in which the product went through when it was being manufactured before becoming available to the market.

Not What It Seems

Most people consider natural and organic to be the same thing, however this is not the case. Natural soaps are made using natural ingredients whilst organic soaps are made using natural ingredients that have not been exposed to chemicals, such as pesticides, when they were growing in the field. 

Therefore, these organic natural handmade soaps are considered to be far better than natural soaps as their ingredients haven’t been exposed to any chemical agents when being grown.

Standard Enforcement

There is a global absence of standards and enforcement, when it comes to making handmade soaps. This is because by adding one drop of an organic ingredient to a mainly synthetic product brands can advertise their products as organic. If a products label can be misleading, how can you tell if that product is truly organic?

A Little Help

When reading a label look for the words USDA certified organic, this is not a foolproof method, but it is a start, you should also check the label for the ingredients that were used to manufacture the product. Be sure to check for third party certifications. Another great tip is to find brands that use renewable energy and are cruelty free.

Below are three great natural and handmade soaps that we recommend. We give you an in depth review of the brand and the product and we look for the characteristics that make them the market leader in natural organic handmade soaps. There is a link to where they can be bought online as well at the lowest prices we have found, enjoy!

The Review

Chagrin Valley Handmade Natural Soap

handmade milk soap

Chagrin Valley soap and salve was founded in 2001 by Ida Friedman and her husband. Ida had initially started the business by accident when she was trying to discover a natural way to help cure the symptoms of her husband’s eczema. The company would later become a full time business.

Although this soap company had started out small, it managed to grow after they had shifted their focus towards removing chemicals from hygiene products. They managed to make a name for themselves by offering only healthy and purely organic products.

Chagrin offers a wide selection of products from lotion bars to bars of soap. All of their products are made using organic herbs, pure essential oils, spices, organic oils and plant butters. This is an all natural, organic product which is made using nourishing organic oils, butters and herbs, all of which contain unique properties that will promote healthy skin.

Chagrin Valley Handmade Natural Soap

All natural, organic certified, non gmo, cruelty free, vegan. With rosemary that encourages strong, healthy hair.


Yellow Bird Handmade Natural Soap

Yellow Bird Handmade Natural Soap

Yellow Bird’s handmade natural soap is made using non-GMO organic ingredients that are less likely to irritate dry sensitive skin. It is also formulated with activated charcoal and moisturizing shea butter. Furthermore, it clears skin naturally for a healthy soft glow and works for men and women with all skin types, helping to defeat acne, psoriasis, eczema and rosacea.

This soap also clears up blemishes without overly drying out your skin, through the use of lemongrass and lavender, two powerful essential oils that have antifungal, astringent, and antibacterial properties. Keep in mind that it needs to be kept in an airtight container after it’s been used or else it will tend to melt away quickly.

Yellow Bird Handmade Natural Soap

Is made using non-GMO organic ingredients that are less likely to irritate dry sensitive skin. Clears up blemishes without overly drying out your skin.


Zaaina Handmade Natural Soap

Zaaina Handmade Natural Soap

Zaaina handmade soaps only use pure and natural ingredients. The products themselves are all natural and do not contain any artificial preservatives, parabens, fragrances or chemicals whatsoever.

Zaaina handmade soaps take great inspiration from the effective ingredients that have been used for centuries throughout the world. They use a variety of organic herbs, coconut butter, various kinds of clays, pure essential oils and fruit powders. 

This product is made using nothing but pure ingredients and produces an ultra moisturizing lather, leaving your skin feeling clean, hydrated and pampered, rather than stripped and dry. These bars of soap are handcrafted using a traditional cold process method only to be assorted into small batches and hand cut, so weight and size may vary.

This wide range of hand made, all natural soaps are enriched with a combination of high quality luxurious oils, and essential herbs. Each natural soap bar set includes some companies more popular bars, such as lavender, rose, dead sea mud, lemongrass, eucalyptus, activated charcoal and tea tree. Zaaina natural handmade soaps make for an ideal gift for friends or family when it comes to celebrating a special occasion.

Zaaina Handmade Natural Soap

Only use pure and natural ingredients. These bars of soap are handcrafted using a traditional cold process method.

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