Welcome to our definitive guide on all you need to know about a great natural deodorizer, we review a great natural shoe deodorizer and a great natural home deodorizer plus show you where to purchase them at the best prices online.

Time Means Smells

When you have carpets in your house, they will start to contract a number of rather nasty odors as they start to get worn out. This can be due to a number of reasons, such as them being walked on daily, spillage of liquids on them, and being vacuumed much less often than they probably should. Additionally, like many other surfaces in your house, your walls or floors are made using porous materials. This means they are made with plenty of nooks and crannies between the pile or weaves, which leads to a number of spots being capable of absorbing foul odors.

Some of these odors can prove to be particularly hard to get rid of, smoke being one of them. This is either because you might have burned something in the oven, or maybe it’s because of a nasty habit. Pets is another notably hard odor to rid your carpets of. At the end of the day, we all love our furry friends, but some breeds tend to have a pretty unique smell which is why we need to turn to a natural deodorizer.

Help Is Closer Than You Think

Ultimately, you can steam-clean a carpet for disinfection or spot-clean it for stains, however if your carpet is in a relatively good shape and you’re perceiving a rather persistent smell within the room, you may want to try a natural deodorizer. Luckily, you may just have the tools you require, already in your pantry to make a great deodorizer.

Quick Homemade Tips For Deodorizing Your Spaces

Freshen up your car: Your car has managed to be there for you whenever you needed to make a trip to the vet, the recycling center, or a fast-food joint. However, it is unlikely that you will want to be reminded of these trips every time you get inside your car. If you want to use a natural deodorizer on your car, simply place a pot-pourri wax tart into a cup holder. The tarts, commonly used in fragrance burners, can be easily found being sold by candle makers.

Freshen up your carpets: Large areas within your home are more susceptible to picking up repugnant odors, especially in high traffic walkthroughs as well as spots where your pets enjoy taking a nap. If you want to use a natural deodorizer or a home deodorizer on your carpet, then begin by cordoning off the area you want to deodorize and spray it liberally with a bit of baking soda. Finish off by vacuuming the area for a few hours. If you are unable to keep everyone away for that long, try doing a quarter of the rug at a time.

Freshen up your shoes: Your shoes can end up attracting a number of foul odors that seem impossible to get rid of. Thankfully, there are ways for you to have your shoes smelling just like they did the day you bought them when they were brand new. If you want to use a natural deodorizer or a natural shoe deodorizer, simply place them in the dryer for about thirty minutes, set on medium heat, using a home dry cleaning bag.


We all need to live in a space that smells good. A natural deodorizer or a shoe deodorizer will efficiently tackle confined smell build up and even go some way to soak up excess odors, however it will not eliminate it altogether, you need to target these areas frequently. A good natural deodorizer or natural home deodorizer will have products that contain a large amount of essential oils that will undoubtedly have your place smelling great.

Below you can be found two of the best deodorizer that are also a great home deodorizer and natural shoe deodorizer. We have examined these products along with a host of other great natural deodorizers but found the ones in our review to be the best for their price range as the budget can always prove to be quite an issue. We also supply the links to where you can purchase these products at the best prices.

The Review

Lumi Outdoors Shoe Deodorizer

Lumi Outdoors Deodorizer

No longer do you have to be embarrassed by your shoes odor. This natural deodorizer uses a combination of the best ingredients to effectively and safely eliminate any foul odors. There is no need for compromise. This natural shoe deodorizer and natural home deodorizer is completely natural, safe, and effective. 

This product was specifically designed for those who need an effective odor eliminator without it containing any harmful chemicals. All of these companies’ products make use of essential oils and other natural ingredients to safely and efficiently eradicate nasty odors.

Provided you are already a fan of essential oils and other natural options, you will just love some products this brand has to offer. All the companies’ products utilise natural essential oils to get rid of some of the toughest odors.

This shoe deodorizer spray makes strong use of essential oils in order to get rid of even the most difficult of shoe and foot odor. Not only does this product work fantastically, but it also smells great making it an effective odor eliminator to have in your house. This portable spray can easily fit within your car for a fast and efficient air freshener.

Lumi Outdoors Natural Shoe Deodorizer

100% natural and safe product that's guaranteed to eliminate odours. Utilises natural essential oils.


California Home Goods Charcoal Air Purifying Bags (4 Pack)

Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag

This company is committed to bringing the public with a top quality deodorizer, created specifically to make your life easier without leaving you with an empty wallet. These activated bamboo charcoal bags are here to ensure that your home remains fresh and immaculate, the natural way.

Thanks to these air purifying bags, you will no longer need to purchase expensive air freshener sprays or deodorizers that only release harmful chemicals into your home. These unscented air purifying bags are the only air purifying bags you will ever need no matter where you are. Furthermore, they are ensured to keep your home naturally clean and fresh all throughout the day. When using this natural home deodorizer, you will want to use two bags for bigger spaces such as bedrooms, attics, kitchens, and living rooms.

Only use one bag for small enclosed spaces like cabinets, drawers, bags, pet litter areas and even your refrigerator. This shoe deodorizer itself is made using activated bamboo charcoal as one of its key ingredients, making this air purifier charcoal bag one of the safest solutions to have around your home in order to stay clear of any kind of nasty smells. Apart from being an effective odor remover charcoal packet, this natural air deodorizer is also an air purifier capable of protecting your family from mildew, mold and even airborne pathogens that may give rise to allergies and common diseases.

Not only are these air freshener charcoal bags phenomenal home odor absorbers and car air freshener bags, but they are also air purifier bags that are ensured to not bring any harm towards the environment. This bamboo deodorizer bag is residue, fragrance and chemical free. This product also has remarkable antibacterial properties that are biodegradable, so if you were to throw one of these bags away, they would not cause any harm towards the earth.

You can finally say goodbye once and for all to the traditional air odor eliminator sprays. This natural home deodorizer is packaged using a durable eco friendly material that can last for up to two years. Additionally, this air purifying bag can be easily rejuvenated. Simply lay the charcoal scent absorbers under the sun for at least an hour and the odor eliminators will work like new.

Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag

Made from 100% activated bamboo charcoal Our odor absorbing charcoal bags are not just amazing home odor absorbers and car air purifying bags Every purchase of our bamboo activated charcoal air purifier bag from any California Concepts authorized seller comes with an exclusive California Home Goods chance for a money-back.

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