Welcome the best natural deodorant recipe on the market, with a bonus feature of Toms natural deodorant review where we look at the natural deodorant ingredients in this widely popular men’s brand.

Time For Alternatives

Should the thought of you swapping out your go to antiperspirant for a natural deodorant make you sceptical, then maybe it’s best to take a minute to reconsider. Not only are antiperspirants considered to be over-the-counter drugs, but they also hinder normal bodily functions, in this case preventing your body from perspiring, through the use of aluminum salts. Nevertheless, natural deodorants are commonly formulated without the use of aluminum.

 Natural deodorants are produced to keep you smelling fresh for hours utilizing bacteria sopping ingredients, such as baking soda. Although you might still end up sweating a bit after applying this aluminum free, natural deodorant, you will never again smell sour once going green. In this article, we have selected a number of different natural deodorants below, all of which have been designed to keep you feeling great and smelling even better, all thanks to your newly found confidence in going for a greener alternative.

Health Alert

Most standard deodorants are produced using ingredients that have shown to be the root of several health problems. A study from the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, claims that the use of aluminum based antiperspirants could actually lead to increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s when you reach the later years in life. In addition, another study from the University of Reading has found a correlation between the increase in breast cancers with the increased use of chemical cosmetics, including antiperspirants. 

It is important to note that correlation doesn’t always equal causation, however if you had a chance to reduce the risk of you contracting any of these illnesses by simply changing your deodorant, I’m sure many of you would probably take it. Moreover, natural deodorants contain ingredients that are not only safe for your body but also quite beneficial for it too.

Alternative Solutions

Upon beginning your journey towards using a nontoxic natural deodorant, it may be a little intimidating to replace your personal care products, especially when it comes to switching out your regular deodorant for a more natural alternative.

Using a natural deodorant will not stop you from sweating and can take some getting used to, not to mention it can be quite a challenge to find your perfect natural deodorant fit. What works for one person might not work for another. Nevertheless, if you have gone down the natural deodorant route and haven’t been impressed, it is paramount that you don’t give up. Getting rid of your antiperspirant will be well worth it and finding the right formula for you can be far much easier than you think.natural deodorant recipeUsing a natural deodorant will not stop you from sweating and can take some getting used to, not to mention it can be quite a challenge to find your perfect natural deodorant fit. What works for one person might not work for another. Nevertheless, if you have gone down the natural deodorant route and haven’t been impressed, it is paramount that you don’t give up. Getting rid of your antiperspirant will be well worth it and finding the right formula for you can be far much easier than you think.

The Wonders Of Activated Charcoal

Charcoal is one of the most popular natural deodorant ingredients for cosmetics and can be found frequently in natural deodorant. The reason for it being one of the best natural deodorant ingredients is because of its capability to absorb at least a thousand times its own weight in moisture because of its large surface area. It is also able to help your digestive system and aid those with gastrointestinal issues when orally ingested. 

Natural deodorant ingredients from plants are able to help soothe and treat the delicate skin of your armpits. Natural deodorant ingredients such as olive oil, mineral rich clay, and shea butter can actually refine the state of your armpits, leaving them much smoother and far less prone to irritation. Armpits that are irritation free can lead to closer and longer lasting shaves. Additionally, some ingredients used in natural deodorants can have the ability to shrink pores and smooth razor burns.

DIY Recipes

As many of you may already know, most conventional deodorants tend to contain aluminum which has been linked to Alzheimer’s. Parabens, another common ingredient used in many deodorants, has been linked to cancer. With that being said, there is only one thing left to do, and that is to use our natural deodorant recipe to make your very own natural deodorant. This natural deodorant recipe below is super easy and an effective, natural deodorant, all made within the comfort of your home. 

Natural Deodorant How To

The act of perspiring is a natural and healthy function that your body executes, on the other hand aluminum in your body tends to have the opposite effect. When using this natural deodorant recipe to make your very own all natural deodorant, you can rid yourself of any nasty odors while also saying goodbye once and for all to toxic chemicals. 

The deodorant itself is made with a light coconut milk, which is then scented with a unique blend of coconut oil, sage oil, and coconut water. This blend of natural deodorant ingredients help to condition and soothe even the most sensitive of armpits. This natural deodorant recipe is predominantly plant based, working simultaneously with your body’s natural functions in order to assist in odor reduction. 

Once you have completed our natural deodorant recipe, you will find that it will glide on smoothly without leaving any white, sticky residues behind. This natural deodorant recipe will have you formulating a 4oz stick of deodorant.

Natural Deodorant Supplies

  • A sterilized 4oz+ jar or tin
  • A glass bowl over a pot
  • Kitchen scale
  • 10g Beeswax
  • 30g Coconut oil
  • 20g Shea butter
  • 5 drops of Vitamin E
  • 15g Arrowroot powder
  • 15g Diatomaceous Earth
  • 10g almond oil, but you could use many oils that are liquid at room temperature
  • 20-25 drops of essential oils, optional but will give your natural deodorant an amazing smell

What To Do?

  1. Once you have measured the shea butter, beeswax, and oils, place them into a glass bowl that is sitting in a pot with a small amount of water at the bottom of the pot. 
  2. Melt on low heat whilst stirring all the time until everything is melted, the beeswax will take longer than the rest to melt.
  3. Turn off heat and allow the mixture cool, however make sure it does not harden
  4. Now when slightly cooled add in Vitamin E, Diatomaceous Earth, Arrowroot, and essential oils; whisk vigorously to combine fully
  5. Pour the mix into container
  6. Leave it to set
  7. Lavender has some super qualities, however Tea Tree essential oils poses great antibacterial qualities.

You want the consistency to be firm, yet extremely spreadable. Now that you have completed our natural deodorant recipe, why not share your knowledge with your friends and see if you can get them to try out our handy natural deodorant recipe.


Our body needs to sweat, however no one really wants to be called stinky. Thus, if you are looking to get a stronger scent from your homemade natural deodorant, then try adding a few more drops of essential oil, but be careful as too much of these oils can lead to a natural deodorant rash. Although these extra drops will make your natural deodorant a bit stiffer on application, it will without a doubt have you smelling amazing. 

Below we have amongst many, toms natural deodorant review who we look at as they consistently produce quality care products.

The Review

Tom’s of Maine Natural Long Lasting Deodorant

Tom's of Maine Natural Long Lasting

This Toms natural deodorant review focuses on Tom and Kate Chappell, who started to look for the quality personal care products in the late sixties. Given how there weren’t any, the couple decided to start their own brand with toothpaste. They became part of the Colgate-Palmolive company in 2006 and would continue to provide their customers with natural personal care products that would not only be effective but also meet up with their clients expectations.

This company is committed to the natural way of living and put a lot of thought and effort into their products, working hard to find and combine some of the best naturally derived and naturally sourced ingredients that are responsible, sustainable and natural.

All the ingredients used in their products are guaranteed to be derived and sourced from nature, free of artificial flavors, colors, fragrances, preservatives and sweeteners. The manufacturing of the ingredients is in line with their philosophy of environmental and human health. Free from animal ingredients except for some bee products and not tested on animals and that’s why we brought this Toms natural deodorant review to you.

Tom's of Maine Natural Long Lasting Deodorant

100 percent natural fragrances and no artificial preservatives or colors. It's aluminum free. No animal ingredients and no animal testing.


Kopari Aluminum-Free Deodorant

Kopari Aluminum-Free Deodorant

If you are currently on the search for a natural deodorant, then look no further as this coconut oil infused deodorant is sure to be just what your armpits need in order to keep them smelling fresh and free of any nasty odors.

Some of you might be a bit skeptical, thinking to yourselves how something made with oil and that smells like coconut is going to work on someone that sweats a lot? Once you apply this natural deodorant, you will be pleasantly surprised at how effective it is at keeping sweat and stickiness at bay. Bear in mind that this product is not a miracle worker, so after coming home from a full eight hour day at work, you will probably want to consider a reapplication. However, several customer reviews have gone on to say that this product is much more efficient than most other natural deodorants on the market. 

The fact that Kopari itself is saying it’s having a difficult time keeping this natural deodorant in stock, indicates that this product is definitely worth giving a try.

Kopari Aluminum-Free Deodorant

This will make you say goodbye to nasty chemicals as this deodorant glides on smooth without leaving a sticky, white residue, lightly coconut milk scented with a unique blend of coconut water, coconut oil.


PiperWai Natural, Organic

PiperWai Natural, Organic

This natural deodorant is produced without using any controversial ingredients such as parabens, aluminum, and synthetic fragrances. This product uses charcoal so that it can form an absorbent,  invisible, pH balanced shield on your armpits that will protect your clothes from perspiration and eliminate odor.

The reason why this formula uses activated charcoal is that of its capacity to absorb over a thousand times its own weight in moisture, creating an absorbent shield between your shirt and your skin. That means it will keep you dry, even during workouts, all without blocking your sweat glands like most conventional antiperspirant. Using only natural ingredients, this brand has been able to formulate a pH balanced environment where bacteria can’t prosper, leaving both you and your clothes smelling fresh by just using a single application.

The brands secret blend of therapeutic grade essential oils gives this product its distinctive scent. No longer will you have to smell like a chemist. This deodorant is also filled with skin conditioning ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa butter, pure vitamin E oil and coconut oil, making this product perfect for those with sensitive skin and totally safe for breastfeeding or pregnant women.

Seeing how this product will not cause a natural deodorant rash, it can not only be applied immediately after shaving, but it is also gentle enough on eczema. In addition, the brand has improved the stick applicator to allow for better consistency, enabling the user to apply the deodorant smoothly while at the same time offering a much more familiar method of application.

PiperWai Natural

With a slight tweak for consistency, PiperWai’s natural ingredients create a pH-balanced environment where bacteria can’t thrive.

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