Welcome to our practical guide and review about natural deodorants for sensitive skin where we look at the best natural deodorant for sensitive skin, along with a bonus buying guide to the best products for you to purchase online.

Thinking Outside The Deodorant Box

Should you have sensitive skin, you may already be aware of the fact that a variety of products could provoke irritations, and deodorants are the main culprits. Natural deodorant is becoming more and more popular as we become more familiar with the harmful ingredients used in most conventional deodorants, such as aluminum which is responsible for most skin irritations, leaving those with delicate skin red and itchy.

However, this doesn’t mean you need to stop using deodorant entirely, all you have to do is learn which ingredients you should avoid and which serve as worthy replacements that will be found in natural deodorant.

A Lot More Choice Than You Think

Furthermore, there is a great deal of suitable replacements out there, several of which are good as the natural deodorant for sensitive skin. Natural deodorant will mainly use ingredients like baking soda, essential oils, fragrances, and sometimes salts, including aluminum salts. It is important to note that the aluminum salts used in natural mineral salt based deodorants isn’t the same type of aluminum used in store bought brands or prescription antiperspirants.

The Magic Of Essential Oils

Essential oils are frequently used within natural deodorants for sensitive skin, however many of these oils and natural fragrances could lead to irritations or allergic contact dermatitis, albeit some are more sensitizing than others. Calendula and chamomile are considered to be the safest alternatives for those with sensitive skin, contrary to lavender, citrus oils, mint, cinnamon, clove, and eugenol which should actually be avoided.

Additionally, if you enjoy making your very own products, keep in mind that highly concentrated homemade, natural baking soda deodorants can actually be very irritating to skin. It should be noted that most store bought preparations will usually possess a significantly lower concentration of baking soda, as a result the irritating potential would be greatly buffered by other ingredients.

It might take some experimenting before you are able to find yourself the best deodorant for your sensitive skin, nevertheless these three gentle natural deodorants are a great place to start.

What Does A Deodorant Need To Do To Be Natural?

Aluminium salts can be found being used in most of the deodorants you will find at your local supermarket. The primary reason why they are included in most formulas is because of their ability to reduce sweating by clogging the sweat glands. Clogging your sweat glands is a terrible idea as you would be preventing the body from carrying out its natural functions.

On the other hand, some of the best all natural deodorants stay well away from using synthetic or toxic ingredients, choosing instead to use oils and plant based extracts to kill foul smelling bacteria, conceal the smell of body odor and stay in tune with your body’s natural rhythms. They are usually supplied through a roll on or stick and certainly not through a compressed aerosol. All in all, you will sweat more but smell less until your body adapts to the new deodorant, to which you will then sweat less.

It’s All Good With Natural Deodorant

The act of sweating is completely natural and is simply how our bodies keep its temperature in check while at the same time, ridding itself of any toxins that may be present within it. By using an all natural deodorant, you would be keeping your body free of any synthetic compounds that could hinder its ability to perspire.

Natural deodorants are produced by more morally guided companies whose founders are socially aware and worry about the long term health of their clients, the children and the earth as a whole. They do not conduct any form of testing on animals and their packaging will leave a significantly smaller carbon footprint on the environment.

How To Prevent Over Sweating

Even after using a natural deodorant, your body will still keep sweating which can prove to be quite embarrassing when at a job interview or on a date. Nevertheless, it won’t be that bad, and there are quite a few ways you can tackle the big sweat. One of them would be to wear an undershirt or try to wear cotton. Should the issue become particularly bad for you, then try to use a natural deodorant with activated charcoal as it is capable of absorbing large quantities of water.

Not to mention it will actually prove to be quite beneficial to your body when interacting with the sweat glands. As your body adapts to the all natural deodorant, it will start to sweat less, but keep in mind that sweating is a very good thing for your body, it means that it’s working perfectly well.


Below you can find a list with some of the best natural deodorants that we were able to put together which work incredibly well for both men and women with sensitive skins. We have experimented with each of these products along with a multitude of other great natural deodorants but found the ones in our review to be some of the best for their price range given how the budget can often be an issue.

Although they might not be the cheapest, they are definitely the ones that offer the best value for money. We also supply you with the links to where you can purchase these products for some of the best prices.

The Review

Crystal Essence Hypoallergenic Deodorant

Crystal Essence Roll

This natural roll-on deodorant merges odor killing natural mineral salts with green tea and chamomile. It doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients such as parabens, aluminum chlorohydrate or phthalates, is hypoallergenic, and is mild and gentle making it the best natural deodorant for sensitive skin.

This mineral roll on deodorant, lavender and white tea is a gentle, yet potent roll on deodorant. Made using a small amount of gentle ingredients, crystal essence mineral roll-on deodorant, lavender and white tea is predominantly free of harsh and needles additives. This product is produced using cruelty free techniques, is hypoallergenic and does not possess parabens or aluminum. Be sure to check the label for warnings before applying. The product itself is made in the United States.

Crystal Essence

Mineral roll-on deodorant. Produced in a cruelty-free process and 100% hypoallergenic.


Native Natural Deodorant No Aluminum And Parabens

Native Deodorant

In test we found native to be the best natural deodorant for sensitive skin however it could prove to be a bit harsh for those with super sensitive skin due to some ingredients. However, we think this natural deodorant from Native manages to find a good balance between gentle and effective. The brand also releases seasonal scents, some more popular ones being grapefruit and bergamot, although it always has coconut and vanilla available, which are also quite lovely and a good reason why we believe this is one of the best natural deodorants in its class.

The deodorant itself is made without the use of any detrimental ingredients such as talc, parabens, aluminum, and phthalates. The company had experimented with several ingredients before finally figuring out a formula that feels light and fresh under your arms, while also providing you with effective protection against foul odors and wetness. 

This product is a solid deodorant which can be applied with great simplicity. Additionally, given how the deodorant doesn’t contain any aluminum, it won’t stain your clothes. This top quality and high efficiency formula is cruelty free and powerful enough for both men and women. All you have to do is select your favorite scent.

Native Deodorant

Native Deodorant isn’t a chemistry experiment, and is made without aluminum, parabens or other dangerous chemicals. Safe for everyday use.


PiperWai Natural, Organic

PiperWai Natural,

This all natural deodorant is manufactured without using any controversial ingredients such as parabens, aluminum and synthetic fragrances. This product makes use of charcoal in order to create an invisible, pH balanced, absorbent shield on your armpits that shields your clothes from perspiration and eliminates nasty odors. We truly believe that this natural deodorant is by far one of the best men’s natural deodorants available on the market today.

Activated charcoal is a key ingredient used within this antiperspirant formula. This is primarily because of its capability to absorb over a thousand times its own weight in moisture, forming an absorbent shield between your shirt and your skin. That means it will keep you dry, even during the most intense of workouts, all without clogging your sweat glands like most conventional antiperspirants. With the help of naturally derived ingredients, this brand has created a pH balanced environment where bacteria can’t prosper, leaving both you and your clothes smelling amazing with just a single application.

The brand utilises a secret blend of therapeutic grade essential oils in order to give this product its distinctive scent. This deodorant is also full of skin conditioning ingredients such as cocoa butter, pure vitamin E oil, coconut oil, and shea butter, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin and completely safe for childbearing women.

Given how this product will not provoke any natural deodorant rashes, it can be applied right after shaving and is even gentle enough on eczema. Moreover, the brand has managed to improve greatly the products stick applicator in order to permit for better consistency, enabling the user to apply the deodorant smoothly while at the same time providing a much more familiar method of application.

PiperWai Natural

With a slight tweak for consistency, PiperWai’s natural ingredients create a pH-balanced environment where bacteria can’t thrive.

Betty Davis
A certified chef by profession but now a full-time grandmother to her eleven grandchildren, Betty encourages our readers to be more engaged in the purchasing process, especially when it comes to the products that we buy and use on a daily basis. This is because the long-term effects of the products we use on our body and the environment are a big deal, but only a few carefully examine these products.

Through Abesmarket, Betty hopes that her contributions can help everyone who would like to be more conscious about the products they purchase, especially those who aim to utilize natural products as a better alternative to the commercial products in today’s market.