When it comes to buying an all natural deodorant for men, it is not surprising that most men rely on the motto ‘whatever works’. In any case, the point of using a deodorant is that it should actually work and keep you fresh all day long. The question you need to ask yourself when looking for a deodorant for men is whether the deodorant can keep body odor at bay.

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Green Tidings Deodorant
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If it can, then go ahead and splurge. If it can’t, don’t burn your money no matter how natural it claims to be. Many natural deodorants for men have a bad rep of not actually working to mask odors as well as synthetic ones.

Nevertheless, if you could get a natural deodorant for men that will actually work, it would save you the danger of using a regular one. For starters, regular ones feature chemicals such as parabens that affect your body and hormones. As if that’s not enough, some regular deodorants might have skin irritants such as aluminum.

If you are looking to switch to all natural deodorant, below we look at some of the best in the market.

1. MagSol Organics Rose Natural Deodorant With Magnesium –Overall Best Natural Deodorant For Women, Men, And Childre

MagSol Organics Rose Natural Deodorant With Magnesium

If you are looking for a stink solution that will rock your world, then get the MagSol organic’s Rose natural deodorant with magnesium. For starters, the deodorant would easily feature and sit pretty atop our list of best natural deodorant for women, men, and children. The unisex usability alone makes it one of the few natural deodorants that are ideal for your whole family.

MagSol’s Rose deodorant for women, men, and children features magnesium which has many nutritional benefits. According to statistics, more than 50% of Americans suffer Magnesium deficiencies as our soils don’t have enough, our eating habits are poor, and we are stressed out.

While there are magnesium supplements you can take orally, the absorption of Magnesium in this form is ineffective and can cause gastrointestinal complications. The good news is that with Rose all natural deodorant for women, men, and children, you can supplements your family’s magnesium intake.

Science has shown that 60% of topically applied substances get absorbed through the skin. So why not ditch your synthetic deodorant and get an all-natural one that has more benefits than keeping you smelling fresh all day? The deodorant is free or allergens and irritants such as aluminum, baking soda, and parabens making it ideal for even those with sensitive skin.

What’s To Like?

  • This is an all natural deodorant for women, men, and children alike
  • Has a wide variety of scents including rose, jasmine, lavender, sweet orange, sandalwood, and lemongrass

What’s Not To Like?

  • Sincerely speaking, with its ability to supplement your magnesium intake and its versatility making it one of the best natural deodorant for women, men, and kids, what’s not to like?
MagSol Organics Rose Natural Deodorant With Magnesium

All-natural deodorant with magnesium, that's also aluminum-free! Perfect deodorant for women & men.


2. Little Seed Farm Natural Deodorant Cream

Little Seed Farm Natural Deodorant Cream

Little farms range of all natural deodorants is as versatile as MagSol’s making this one of the best natural deodorant for women, men, and children brands. The company uses non-toxic ingredients by eliminating the use of any aluminum, baking soda, synthetic chemical, petrochemicals, or paraben.

The lack of baking soda in little seed farms’ deodorants also makes this deodorant ideal for people with sensitive skin. Baking soda is known to cause itchy rashes, skin discoloration, and irritation leaving your pits looking raw. If you have struggled finding a natural deodorant that works without the baking soda, today is your lucky day.

Like MagSol, little farm uses a synergistic formula with ingredients including magnesium and coconut oil to fight odor causing bacteria. That leaves you smelling fresh without the irritation that comes from baking soda-based deodorants.

Additional ingredients that make this deodorant one of the best all natural deodorant for women, men, and kids include organic jojoba and coconut oils, organic vegetable glycerin, and organic arrow root powder among others.

What’s To Like?

  • All natural ingredients free of irritants such as baking soda
  • Numerous scents to choose from including activated charcoal, cucumber, grape fruit lemon, jasmine, lavender, rosemary patchouli, and unscented

What’s Not To Like?

  • The price could probably be more affordable, but $5/ounce is very reasonable for the benefits you get with this deodorant
Little Seed Farm Natural Deodorant Cream

Our Activated Charcoal Deodorant Cream is an aluminum-free and baking soda-free. Numerous scents to choose from.


3. Green Tidings Deodorant

Green Tidings Deodorant

The green tidings natural deodorant for men features top of our list of best all natural deodorant because it is. For starters, the ingredient list here features naturally occurring tapioca starch, coconut oil, Shea butter, and baking soda. For the base, green tidings features candelilla wax making it an ideal option for vegans.

Green tidings all natural deodorant for men does not only leave you smelling fresh and clean all day long, but it also has some health benefits. Other than deodorizing you, the Tapioca starch in the deodorant keeps your skin moisturized and promotes healing and clearance of acne.

The coconut oil and the Shea butter boast anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties while the lavender essential oil creates a calming effect. Unlike regular deodorants, green tidings natural deodorant for men is free of paraben, aluminum, paraffin, and artificial additives or fragrances.

If you have sensitive skin, this all natural deodorant for men is gentle on the skin while still being tough on odor.

What To Like:

  • There are two options, a past and a stick
  • Ideal for everybody including vegans as it contains a plant-based wax rather than beeswax

What’s Not To Like?

  • There is barely anything you won’t like about this product – at least we haven’t found any

To wrap it up, of all natural deodorants for men on Amazon, green tidings has the most positive reviews with over six thousand, a four star rating, and an Amazon’s choice badge.

Green Tidings Deodorant

Our natural deodorant is known to last a long time- 24 hours for most people. Very popular and with good reviews.


4. Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant

Another favorite among Amazon shoppers is Schmidt’s natural deodorant. Like green tidings, Schmidt’s has an impressive ingredient list. Some of those ingredients include Shea butter, arrowroot powder, baking soda, cacao seed butter, sunflower-derived vitamin E, and hop extract.

If you or your man sweats a lot, Schmidt’s natural deodorant for men is one you’ll want to check out. While some fragrances are not for everyone, they sure are different than what you get with colognes, and for someone looking for an all-natural alternative to cologne; Schmidt’s more than covers all the bases.

It is effective at keeping you dry and it neutralizes odors with ease. While it is wax-based, it has a non-greasy, non-sticky feel that is easily absorbed by the body.

Another admirable feature is that Schmidt’s all natural deodorant for men has a versatile array of scents. Our most preferred fragrances for men are Cedar wood + Juniper and Bergamot + Lime. If you are looking for the best natural deodorant for women, Schmidt’s has your back with a list of feminine scents like Lavender + Sage and Rose + Vanilla.

What’s To Like?

  • Masculine and feminine fragrances making it an ideal all natural deodorant for women and men
  • Has antiperspirant properties
  • Available in a jar or as a deodorant stick

What’s not to like?
A minority of users have had rashes when using Schmidt’s deodorant

The truth is that we are all human and the natural deodorant for men that works for me won’t necessarily work for you. Schmidt’s is evidently one of the best all natural deodorant for men you can buy if the reviews are anything to go by.

Schmidt’s Deodorant

The Elegant Aroma Of Ylang-Ylang + Calendula Is Sweet With Delicate Floral Notes. Non-sticky and easily absorbed by the body.


5. Primal Pit All-Natural Deodorant

Primal Pit All-Natural Deodorant

Unlike most natural deodorants for men which come in either a jar or stick, primal pit is one of the few that come with both. To keep your pits dry, primal pit boasts organic arrow root powder as one of its main ingredients. This deodorant for men neutralizes body odor thanks to non-aluminum baking soda.

Apart from natural baking soda and organic arrow root powder, primal pit is packed with other natural ingredients to not only keep you fresh, moisturize, and fight body odors but also moisturize your skin. Primal pit’s scented variants feature natural essential oils and sunflower-derived, organic vitamin E.

Like most other natural deodorant for men, primal pit has no parabens, sulfates, aluminum products, or other synthetic ingredients that are harmful to your body. The scented varieties of primal pit men’s deodorant include Royal & Rogue, Lemonade, Patchouli, Orange Creamsicle, Jacked up Jasmine, and Thyme & Lemongrass.

What’s To Like?

  • Wide variety of scents and an unscented varie
  • Comes in a jar or as a stick

What’s Not To Like?

  • Some users report irritation – to avoid this, get a jar rather than the stick. The jar is baking soda free while the stick has baking soda, a known skin irritant in some people.

Even though primal pit has a wholesome list of organic ingredients, they don’t always auger well with all skin types and people. If your skin is not overly sensitive and you do not have any allergies, the primal pit is one natural deodorant to consider.

Primal Pit All-Natural Deodorant

EUTRALIZES ODOR instead of just covering it up. Non-aluminum or baking soda - and it works like a charm.


Shopping For The Best Deodorant For Men

The truth of the matter is that men sweat – we actually stink at times, and body odor is a pain in the bum for most of us. For this reason, statistics show that ¾ of all men use some kind of deodorant every day in cream, stick, spray, or gel form.

Unless you are from East Asia, chances are you need a deodorant to keep you from sweating bullets. As a result of a genetic mutation, East Asian’s do not have the chemical that bacteria feed on to emit a stench in their sweat.

On the other hand, 98% of people with roots in Europe or Africa lack the mutation that keep Eastern Asian’s from stinking. A study published in the journal of investigative dermatology found that even among those who don’t stink from sweat, 75% use deodorants.

These statistics make it imperative that we research the best all natural deodorant for women and men. Like earlier mentioned, the problem with synthetic deodorants lies in the number of chemicals they contain. Most of these chemicals irritate our skins at the very least while others find their way into the body and do more harm than good.

A number of popular ingredients in synthetic deodorants are carcinogenic at their worst. Despite this, many unhealthy deodorants still find their ways into households every day. To cut most of us some slack, who really wants to go out worrying about how they smell every time they lift their hands, right?

Undoubtedly, the embarrassment that comes with a foul smell from your body makes you opt for the only choice you have – whatever works. But rather than fly blind and pick up any deodorant off that store shelf, why not look for a natural alternative that does not put your health or comfort at risk?

Like with any skincare products on the market, many of the readily available deodorants are commercially made and have more harmful chemicals than good ones. However, the health concern has seen a number of companies mushroom to provide healthier alternatives. Whether you want a shaving cream, soap, beard balm, or that is all-natural, there is one out there for you.

So, just because the majority of deodorants out there are harmful, it doesn’t mean you should venture out smelling like a gym locker room. Instead, grab yourself one of the natural deodorants on our list of natural deodorant for men.

While smelling good is important, it is also crucial that you observe cleanliness before deodorizing your body.

So, when shopping for a natural deodorant, what should you be looking out for or avoiding? Below, we look at some of the chemicals you should avoid when buying deodorant.


There are certain aluminum compounds that are common among deodorant manufacturing circles. They include the likes of aluminum chloride, aluminum zirconium, and aluminum chlorohydrate. So what do these compounds do? Primarily, they keep you from sweating.

The problem is they do this by clogging your seat ducts, keeping your body from expelling unwanted substances. Research has also shown that some of these compounds put you at risk of developing cancer, kidney disease, and Alzheimer’s.

When aluminum compounds find their way into the body, they function like a synthetic estrogen which increases the risk of contracting breast cancer.


For women who wear makeup, you know how much you should stay away from products with parabens. Like our first compounds, parabens also act like artificial estrogen and are linked to various cancers. Some associations such as the EU and Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) have even gone as far as banning some or all cosmetic products containing parabens.

The most popular ones in cosmetics products including soaps and deodorants include propyl and benzyl parabens, butyl, ethyl, and methyl. If you come across a deodorant with any of these compounds, the safest option you have is finding a natural deodorant or walking away.


This one makes us jittery. Despite the FDA’s classification of Triclosan as a pesticide, many companies still go ahead and use the chemical in their products. So, why is it so common in the industry? The reason is it kills bacteria. The only thing they do not tell you is that it doesn’t only kill the harmful bacteria, it also kills healthy bacteria.

As if that is not enough, Triclosan irritates the skin, causing rashes and a number of other skin complications. There is even bad news with this chemical as the World Health Organization International Agency for Research on Cancer has Triclosan on its list of known carcinogens.

Propylene Glycol

While Propylene Glycol is not carcinogenic, which could be construed as bad news, it is still one chemical you don’t want in any of the products you invest in. This one won’t give you cancer, instead, it could cause severe kidney or liver damage as it is a known neurotoxin.

Also, Propylene Glycol is a known allergen.


If a product you are buying has Steareth in the ingredient list, the chemical’s name will feature a trailing number. Examples include Steareth-21, Steareth-8, or Steareth-5. According to manufactures they use Steareth as an emulsifier. Emulsifiers are the compounds that hold ingredients together, without which deodorants would be too runny.

While having a less runny deodorant is admirable, manufacturers could use any of the other naturally available emulsifiers than a chemical one. Steareth is a product of Ethylene Glycol, a known cancer-causing compound.


If you have sensitive skin, you want to stay away from silica as it is one of the strongest skin irritants out there. But other than make you feel like peeling your skin and throw it away, silica will also flare up your allergies and destroy your cells as it is an immunotoxin.

Silica is also linked to cancer like most of the other compounds to avoid in this list. Often, silica is contaminated with a known carcinogen called crystalline quartz.

Artificial Colors

Deodorants are meant to keep the stink off our bodies which is why the logic behind manufacturers lacing them with synthetic colorants is beyond us. Many of the synthetic deodorants in the market today have a color that is chemically induced. The downside is that the chemicals that give them color are linked to many health complications.

In any case, deodorants are not meant to alter your appearance or to be visual so why is color important?

Synthetic Scents

There are countless chemical scents in the cosmetic industry. They are used in soaps, makeup, and deodorant. These chemical scents are also known skin irritants and allergens. Some even have been linked to organ damage.

Also, improper disposal of these fragrances pollutes the environment. With so many other natural deodorants, it is baffling that commercial manufacturers continue using chemical fragrances despite the health concerns.

Unlike unnatural deodorants, natural deodorants boast essential oils as fragrant rather than relying on chemical compositions.


There are a lot of debates surrounding antiperspirants and their use in deodorants. Even so, there is more than enough evidence linking antiperspirants to cancer as causative agents. When your body sweats, it gets rid of a number of toxins. Antiperspirants block your pores so you don’t sweat. The result is the body retains the toxins that it expels through sweat.

When the body retains substances that it should be expelling, there is bound to be a problem at some point. In light of this, health experts recommend staying away from antiperspirants. If you see claims of antiperspirants, even in natural products, it is just a marketing gimmick as there is no natural antiperspirants – sweating is natural so nature has nothing to counter it.

Among scientists, there are those who agree that the use of antiperspirants does more harm than good, but there are others who are of the opinion that they are not harmful. Still, the evidence against them is overwhelmingly convincing for us to want to stay away from antiperspirants.

How Natural Are Natural Deodorants?

The FDA offers consumer protection that most of the world outside the US won’t enjoy unless you buy products in the US. Even with labels claiming otherwise, there is no guarantee that there are no harmful synthetic products in the deodorant you buy.

The gap left by this lack of proper regulation worldwide makes it a personal endeavor to figure out what is natural and what is not. To do this, you need to always start with the ingredient list.

Does the product you are eyeing and intend to buy contain any of the chemicals above? If it has any, ditch it. Given, the list of harmful products we have above is nowhere close to an exhaustive list of products used in the cosmetic industry.

But, it is safe to say that most natural products will have a name you can pronounce easily. If it has a complex name that gets your mouth and tongue all twisty trying to pronounce it, chances are that it is a synthetic chemical.

Final Thoughts

While we all want to smell good, synthetic deodorants are just not worth it anymore. With the rise of numerous naturalistic companies, getting a natural deodorant is easier, although they cost more initially. However, if you look at how much it would cost you to treat a medical condition caused by the countless chemicals used in deodorants you begin to see the appeal of natural ones.

Signing out, here is a fun fact!

One of the earliest synthetic deodorants, “Everdry,” was known to be painful at the very least and would even burn through clothes. Think about that – if it can burn through clothes, how will your skin fare? 

Betty Davis
A certified chef by profession but now a full-time grandmother to her eleven grandchildren, Betty encourages our readers to be more engaged in the purchasing process, especially when it comes to the products that we buy and use on a daily basis. This is because the long-term effects of the products we use on our body and the environment are a big deal, but only a few carefully examine these products.

Through Abesmarket, Betty hopes that her contributions can help everyone who would like to be more conscious about the products they purchase, especially those who aim to utilize natural products as a better alternative to the commercial products in today’s market.