Welcome to our in-depth buying guide to natural crystal deodorant and natural charcoal deodorant, two of the best natural deodorants on the market today

Introducing Crystal Deodorant

The products we use at home are slowly killing us because of all the chemicals manufacturers use in them. However, if we go natural that trend can be quickly reversed, which is good news for you and good news for the planet, and boy, does the planet need some good news!

Sweat To Live

The deodorant we buy in the supermarket stops your body sweating by impeding a natural normal bodily function, which is to sweat. Your body needs to sweat to exfoliate toxins and keep cool. However, artificial chemicals in cosmetics have detrimental effects on your natural bodily functions, they block your pores thereby impeding the sweating process. It should also be noted that recent university research reports have pointed to real links between cancer and alzheimer’s and the chemicals used in normal supermarket deodorants.

The Secret Of Crystal Deodorant

Crystal deodorant is a deodorant made from naturally occurring mineral salts called potassium alum which has antimicrobial properties. 

In Asia potassium alum has been used for centuries but has only taken off here in the west over the last few decades. It is used in natural products and is very cost effective with many health benefits, such as lowering the risk of breast cancer.

Early Days For Research

Most of the scientific studies that discuss the advantages of crystal deodorant are not only severely lacking, but many of the benefits are merely anecdotal. Some people have claimed that these types of products like natural crystal deodorant really work, while others have gone on to say the complete opposite. 

At the end of the day, it all comes down to a matter of preference, given how each person’s body chemistry is different. Keep reading to understand how this simple yet efficient natural crystal deodorant could benefit you.

How To?

Natural crystal deodorant can be commonly found available in three forms, spray, stone, and roll on. Occasionally, you might find it as a powder or gel. If you use a stone, it can either come on its own or attached to a plastic base. When applying the deodorant, it is best to do it right after you bathe or shower, when your armpits are still slightly damp and freshly cleaned. You can also apply it to other parts of your body as well, however you may want to have a separate stone in order to do this.

Keep It Clean

Before applying the natural crystal deodorant stone clean your armpits, be sure to run it under water. However, you do not want to use too much water. If you are using a stone that is attached to a plastic applicator, you will want to make sure that water doesn’t go into the base. To prevent this from happening, you can store the stone upside down after using it.

You can use a circular motion or rub natural crystal deodorant up and down. Keep adding water to the stone and applying it until you feel like you have covered your entire armpit. The stone is meant to feel smooth when you are applying it, so be careful if it is cracked or has any rough edges as it could irritate or cut your armpits. Make sure to keep rubbing it until your armpit is dry.

Allow To Dry

If you are using a natural crystal deodorant spray, you might want to wrap a towel around your body so that it can catch any excess liquid that may run down from your armpit. There might be a slight chalky residue left on your skin after you apply the spray, so it is recommended that you wait until the deodorant dries before getting yourself dressed.

Time Limit

Natural crystal deodorant can be effective for up to twenty-four hours. Should you want to apply the deodorant in between showers, you can clean your armpits by using rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball before reapplying.

The salt used within the crystal deodorant helps kill the bacteria that causes odor under your armpits. While this deodorant won’t stop you from sweating, the odor will be reduced or even eliminated.


If you are currently looking for a great natural product, then why not take a look at some specially selected brands within our buying guide below? These products have been formulated to keep you smelling great and will end up having you feeling even better than before.

The Review

Crystal Rock Mineral Deodorant Stick For Men

Crystal Rock Mineral Deodorant Stick For Men

Crystal Mineral was founded on the knowledge that mineral salt used to purify water could also be used as a hypoallergenic deodorant. Although the companies packaging has changed, their philosophy has not. They know that when people pursue their passions, amazing things happen.

This product is for the active person who knows they will sweat a lot. Made with natural ingredients that will keep you dry, ready for action, and feeling fresh. This unscented deodorant has potent ingredients that enhance its hypoallergenic effectiveness.

Your skin will not be in contact with chemicals that can cause skin allergies or long-term illnesses. This deodorant does a good job of keeping you clean and fresh all day long because of the odor preventing power of crystal rock even after strenuous activity. Perfect for men or active women, this natural mineral salt deodorant can last over a year when used according to manufacturer’s instructions. Remember to moisten the top of the stone before each use.

Crystal Rock Mineral Deodorant Stick For Men

The odor preventing power of CRYSTAL ROCK Deodorant & Body Spray for Men will keep you feeling fresh and clean all day, even after strenuous activity.


Alaffia Activated Charcoal Deodorant (Two Pack)

Alaffia Activated Charcoal Deodorant (Two Pack)

Alaffia natural charcoal deodorant use activated charcoal from Togo and contribute toward social projects on the island to break poverty. Which is good reason enough to buy this product were it not for the amazing properties of activated charcoal. But that’s not all this product is packed with nourishing ingredients like coconut, Reishi mushroom, and shea that work to absorb oil, soothe skin, and neutralize odor so you can feel fresh all day.

This is a truly natural charcoal deodorant, there is no use of propanediol, parabens, phthalates, aluminum, and much more. The product is eco friendly and cruelty free meaning there is no testing on animals.

Not only is it a great product it is also supporting a worthy project.

Alaffia Activated Charcoal Deodorant (Two Pack)

Feel good about how you are getting your products with 100% Certified Fair Trade Ingredients
Fair trade, sustainable & wildcrafted ingredients from Alaffia coopertatives.


PiperWai Natural Deodorant

PiperWai Natural, Organic

PiperWai natural charcoal deodorant is made without the use of any harmful ingredients such as aluminum, parabens and synthetic fragrances. It uses of an activated natural charcoal deodorant to form an absorbent, pH balanced, invisible shield that protects your clothes from perspiration and neutralizes odor.

The main reason why this natural charcoal deodorant is so good is because it has the capacity to absorb many times its own weight in moisture, creating an absorbent shield between your skin and your shirt that keeps you dry, even through workouts, all without blocking your sweat glands like most traditional antiperspirant. Through the use of natural ingredients, this brand has formulated a pH balanced environment where bacteria can’t thrive, leaving you and your clothes smelling fresh all while just using a single application and that’s why we recommend this brand in our natural deodorant reviews.

PiperWai’s secret blend of therapeutic grade essential oils gives this product its unique scent. No longer will you smell like a chemist. This deodorant is also loaded with skin conditioning ingredients such as cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, and pure vitamin E oil, making it perfect for those with sensitive skin and completely safe for pregnant or breastfeeding woman. 

Given how this product won’t cause a natural deodorant rash, it can be applied immediately after shaving and is gentle enough on eczema. Furthermore, the brand has improved the stick applicator for better consistency, allowing the user to apply the deodorant smoothly while at the same time offering a much more familiar application method.

PiperWai Natural

With a slight tweak for consistency, PiperWai’s natural ingredients create a pH-balanced environment where bacteria can’t thrive.


Crystal Mineral Deodorant Stick

Crystal Mineral Deodorant Stick

Crystal Mineral was founded on the principle that mineral salt used to purify water could also be used as a hypoallergenic deodorant. Although the companies packaging has changed, their philosophy has not. They know that when people pursue their passions, amazing things happen. The company is incredibly passionate and committed to crystal mineral deodorant and the use of effective yet safe ingredients as well as the use of environmentally friendly materials. They are always looking to improve crystal mineral deodorant in any way possible to ensure the welfare, health, and safety of their customers.

The company takes great pride in the role that its products have played in helping their customers to pursue their passions, by being resilient under pressure. From the athletics field all the way to the conference room, crystal mineral deodorant is guaranteed to still be working long after most others would have quit and that’s why we recommend this brand in our natural deodorant reviews.

Crystal mineral deodorant is a high powered, one ingredient mineral stick that blocks and eliminates odor before it even starts, and without using harmful or toxic chemicals. By using crystal mineral deodorant daily in its suggested way, one stick could end up lasting you over a year. The deodorant itself is made without the use of artificial fragrances, parabens, and aluminum chloride. Instead crystal mineral deodorant contains simply one key ingredient, this being pure mineral salt. It leaves no staining, no residue, no white marks and has been tested by dermatologists. 

This is a vegan and cruelty free product meaning that no animal testing was conducted in the production of crystal mineral deodorant.

Thai Deodorant Stone Crystal Mist Natural Deodorant Spray

100% Natural and hypoallergenic, eliminates odor perfectly. Based on the mineral salt used to purify water.

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