Personal hygiene can be a very divisive topic to talk about because it is, well, personal. It is a subject that can get quite uncomfortable because it addresses our bodies, which can be a vessel filled with insecurities. Body odor is a very sensitive topic to navigate, and if the discussion steers too far, it can be very upsetting.

However, we’re not about body shaming or rubbing each person’s insecurities in; we are here to address them. You see, some people generate body odor faster than others, and this can be caused by numerous reasons, including physiological, activity-related, and even diet and lifestyle factors.

In recent times, a lot of research has been conducted on products that help alleviate body odor, especially in the underarms. These antiperspirants may or may not contain natural antiperspirant deodorant ingredients, or they may be manufactured purely from synthetic chemicals. A lot of products have been proven to be effective but not necessarily safe. In this article, we will be discussing the refreshing world of natural deodorant choices in the market, including our recommendations for your next best natural antiperspirant deodorant purchase.

Lately, the harmful side effects of synthetic or chemical-dense deodorants and antiperspirants are starting to show up. From irritation and skin staining to metabolic disturbance, the prolonged use of non-natural products will surely take a toll on your body sooner or later. This is the main reason why we are really pushing for the natural approach.

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Natural Deodorant At A Glance

The market for the best natural antiperspirant deodorant is actually quite littered with tons of options. As the consumer market continuously leans towards the natural approach to odor control, you will surely encounter some gimmicky marketing ploy just to boost sales. The massive selection of antiperspirant deodorant products might confuse you, but we can identify these products easily by determining what sets them apart.

The easiest way to determine whether a deodorant or antiperspirant is really natural is to check if the product is missing one ingredient, and missing it in a good way. That ingredient is aluminum.

Aluminum is the key ingredient in most synthetic deodorants as it provides the product with its disinfecting properties. Now, you might think that without aluminum, how is the product going to work at all? The answers might surprise you.

Over the past few decades, aluminum has been integral to the overall effectivity of the product because the primary objective of deodorants is to eradicate the bacterial growth that proliferates in the underarms, which then cause the generation of an unpleasant smell. This sounds like a well thought of plan, until recent studies confirmed the long-term adverse effects of deodorants and antiperspirants with aluminum content. 

There has been a growing body of research linking aluminum and the development of certain cancers, such as cancer of the breast. Due to the proximity of our underarms and the breasts, as well as the dense lymph node network and the thin skin layer making absorption a lot quicker, aluminum enters the bloodstream and bodily systems fairly easily. This is not an immediate complication, but it is a complication that is starting to gain more and more concrete evidence against it.

You might ask, if there is looming evidence, why are there still tons of products in the market that contain this harmful ingredient? This is a sad fact, but the lack of awareness and information does play a significant role in why we continue to use these products. The practice of finding a product that works without thoroughly understanding how it’s made is quite common.

That’s Why We Are Here

By sharing information that is freely accessible to a lot of people who are in the market for antiperspirant deodorant choices, we are here to not only help you decide on what is the best natural antiperspirant deodorant that would work best for you, but also steer you away from harmful choices.

If you’ve been going to beauty shops or the personal effects section of the grocery store, you won’t find as many natural antiperspirant deodorant choices as the ones online. Believe it or not, such products have been around for several years now, and they are really effective.

Why A Natural Deodorant Is Not Getting Enough Love… Yet

There are a lot of things going on that could explain why natural antiperspirant deodorant products are not getting enough attention even if they can be considered the best natural antiperspirant deodorant out there. Well, at least not yet. But it is very easy to understand why.

Natural Deodorant Options Are Quite Pricey

It is easily understandable that the natural approach to body odor control is more expensive than your conventional deodorant and antiperspirant. Some of them are manufactured in a smaller scale in order to preserve the ingredients that are usually compromised when processed through a machine. These production considerations command higher production cost.

No Aluminum = Not Effective?

Consumers who swear by the effectiveness of conventional deodorants will be challenging to convince because this will be a big shift and will take some getting used to. Given that aluminum is widely considered to be the foundation of every effective deodorant in the market today, it is a tough act to overthrow it, and consumers will not care for any other options at all… not until they get adverse reactions themselves.

The best natural antiperspirant deodorant choices in the market are effective, that’s for sure. However, because they use natural and significantly milder ingredients, they either last a shorter time or need a better application routine to achieve the desired effect. These little inconveniences can hinder you from buying one such product, but the positive effects, especially how you are able to protect your body from potential irritation, would serve as a big advantage later on.

Before You Buy

We have already mentioned numerous times that you will have hundreds of options once you opt to start using natural deodorant products. However, it is a smart step to look around the market before finally deciding on which product to buy. We highly encourage you to do some sampling because even though a product may be highly recommended, different people may show different reactions to the same products. There can be extended sensitivity, irritation, formation of localized rashes, or an allergic reaction. You should try a smaller size first, and if there are no adverse reactions after several days of use, you can eventually buy a bigger size that you can use for quite a long time.

We also encourage you to purchase a smaller tube or bottle because this is a common advantage of natural deodorant products in the market – they last way longer than your commercial deodorant. Commercial deodorants usually last for one to two months with regular use, whereas a small tube of natural deodorant can last up to three or four months because you will not need as much product with each application, and that is a very good feature to have.

Best Natural Deodorant: Our Humble Recommendations

We found some great product recommendations for your underarm needs, and they come in a wide array of price points and contain natural ingredients to keep you fresh day in and day out.

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant

This unisex antiperspirant deodorant comes with fantastic scent combinations with a subtle scent, such as rose and vanilla or coconut and pineapple. If fragrance is not your thing, you can try the fragrance-free variant. Schmidt’s natural deodorant is one of the most effective antiperspirant deodorant choices in the market today, and a lot of people are very satisfied with their purchase and come back with repeat orders.

Schmidt's Natural Deodorant

Schmidt's award-winning formulas help neutralize odor and keep you fresh, naturally. Free of aluminum, propylene glycol, parabens, phthalates, and artificial fragrance. This plant and mineral-derived formulas are certified vegan and cruelty-free.


Native Natural Deodorant

Showcasing natural ingredients while being free from aluminum, talc, parabens, and phthalates, Native natural deodorant also provides a wide variety of scent combinations to keep you fresh all day. You can try coconut and vanilla, or try more unusual deodorant combinations, such as cranberry and plum. Native Natural Deodorant can be applied easily, and the best part is that it does not stain your clothes.

Native Deodorant

Aluminum Free- Native Deodorant isn’t a chemistry experiment. It's easy to apply and does not stain either!


Kopari Aluminum-Free Deodorant

Kopari Aluminum-Free

Using the natural antioxidant and antibacterial qualities of coconut oil, Kopari aluminum-free deodorant is a solid and non-staining natural antiperspirant that does not add fluff to the product and is focused only on the ingredients that matter.

Kopari Aluminum-Free Deodorant

This will make you say goodbye to nasty chemicals as this deodorant glides on smooth without leaving a sticky, white residue, lightly coconut milk scented with a unique blend of coconut water, coconut oil.


Sam’s Natural Deodorant Stick

Sam’s Natural

What we love about Sam’s natural deodorant stick is how transparent the company is when it comes to product ingredients and what should be expected from the first use. The company mentions that when a consumer transitions from a commercial deodorant to a natural deodorant, there will be some sort of “acclimation period” where the body will adjust to the new set of ingredients in the deodorant, and some stuff might happen, including sensitivity or increased sweating, until the body adjusts to the deodorant properly. 

Sam’s Natural Deodorant Stick

NATURAL DEODORANT AVAILABLE IN 17 AWESOME SCENTS – We offer a variety of distinctive and intriguing scents for every personality or occasion. ORIGINAL DEODORANT is our most popular scent with the mild scent of hardwoods. Scented with Fragrance Oil.


We believe this is a good thing because it gives a clear picture of what the consumer should expect during the first few days or weeks of use. These slight inconveniences will be greatly rewarded with an all-natural, effective, and non-staining deodorant product that can sit pretty well with your usual routine.

Don’t Sweat It

Don't Sweat It

If the product proudly showcases being vegan and cruelty-free while boasting all-natural ingredients, what’s not to love, right? Let us introduce you to Don’t Sweat It, and this is also one of the catchiest names we’ve encountered in this product segment. This product contains zero fragrances or artificial dyes, and it is cruelty, gluten, and even soy and corn-free. 

Don't Sweat It All Natural Bergamot Deodorant Stick for Women

Antibacterial agents nullify any odor-causing bacteria on your under arm skin. It also has a super catchy name.


In addition, the product has no phthalates, propylene-glycol, paraffins, or salicylic acid. The best part is, even the packaging is made from recyclable BPA-free tubes, so overall, this product is pure goodness and nothing else. Don’t Sweat It is clinically proven to be safe for men, women, and children, and the antibacterial properties of this product ensure extended protection against body odor.

The good thing about natural deodorant choices in the market is that most of them are unisex, which is a good thing because they are flexible for use, and you don’t have to scramble around determining which one is for which gender. You can always go default with the scent-free choices, or explore the scented variants that utilize natural fragrances that are not too distracting.

The Lifestyle Renaissance With Natural Antiperspirant Deodorant

While the principles of use remain the same, using a natural deodorant may take a little time to get used to. Most of them come in stick form that you can glide onto your underarms. The application is easy, but some milder variants may require a reapplication or two, especially when you will be engaging in a series of activities throughout the day, and your sweat glands go hyper.

In general, the natural deodorant options in the market are milder than their artificial and mainstream counterparts. This makes them less likely to cause irritation. However, some products are so mild that they wear off significantly faster than your usual over-the-counter deodorant. Hence, you will need to re-apply later during the day. The good thing about this easy wear off is that the ingredients don’t stick to your underarms for extended periods of time, unlike other chemical-dense products that hang around all day. Consider this as an advantage over a little inconvenience.


Going back to where we started in this article, personal hygiene and body odor can be very iffy subjects to talk about because it can be a very sensitive issue for some, and not everyone is open to talking freely about this matter. However, this is a subject that can also improve our personal care by trying products that are healthier and environmentally responsible. We live in a very liberated time for learning about and using products to improve our personal hygiene and establish confidence to face the world on a daily basis. We’ve got a ton of options, and the only responsibility that we must fulfill is to choose the right one for us.

We do hope you enjoyed our article and see you next time!

Betty Davis
A certified chef by profession but now a full-time grandmother to her eleven grandchildren, Betty encourages our readers to be more engaged in the purchasing process, especially when it comes to the products that we buy and use on a daily basis. This is because the long-term effects of the products we use on our body and the environment are a big deal, but only a few carefully examine these products.

Through Abesmarket, Betty hopes that her contributions can help everyone who would like to be more conscious about the products they purchase, especially those who aim to utilize natural products as a better alternative to the commercial products in today’s market.