2020 review and buying guide to the top 5 best organic shampoo for your hair. Formulated naturally and 100% organic. We also review the best organic shampoo bar and organic vegan shampoo.

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Organic Doctor Tea Tree
  • 38% Terpinen-4-ol
  • Formulated using organically certified and natural extracts
  • Deep cleansing hair therapy
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Ethique Eco-Friendly Ethique Eco-Friendly Solid Shampoo Bar for Dandruff
  • 100% soap free, pH balanced and safe for colour treated hair
  • Contains neem and karanja oils to help combat dandruff
  • Equivalent to 3 bottles of liquid shampoo
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Puracy Natural Vegan Hair Shampoo Puracy Natural Shampoo and Conditioner Set
  • Highly recommended
  • Sulfate-free coconut-based cleansers
  • Designed for men and women, with all hair types
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Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner SLS Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner SLS
  • Hydrates and restores moisture levels
  • Contains NO Sulfates, Parabens
  • Nourishes and repairs your hair
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Nurture My Body everyday shampoo Everyday Shampoo by Nurture My Body
  • 100% certified organic and fragrance-free shampoo, safe for everyday use
  • Popular and highly recommended
  • Lathers luxuriously
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Not What You Think

Although shampoo is meant to make your hair and scalp feel fresh and clean, that sometimes isn’t the case as many of the ingredients used for most shampoos are the same ones used to get rid of gunk and grime in your car. With that being said, it’s probably worth switching to organice version as it is a more natural alternative with more eco-friendly ingredients.

To help you make that transition, we found five organic, environmentally friendly options, all with natural properties that will contribute towards your healthy lifestyle.

The Challenge

Finding the best organic shampoo hair care product can prove to be quite the challenge. This is because if a product contains just one plant based ingredient then it can be considered to be natural, also, organic certifications can widely vary. 

When it comes to the shampoo industry, the words truly organic doesn’t really mean anything. Companies claim that their products are clean, organic and natural, however in many cases the product itself was never clearly defined or monitored by any government agency in the United States. 

Until these products are defined by a government agency, brands have the right to define these terms for themselves, which has resulted in misleading information for the consumer.

Lack Of Standards

Due to this lack of standards or enforcement, simply adding one drop of an organic ingredient to a synthetic product allows a brand to include the word organic on their product label. Therefore, if you want to be a conscious consumer, you should never rely on marketing. If labels can be this misleading, how can you tell if the product you are buying is truly organic and is the best choice for your hair?

Currently, the best way to determine if a product is organic is by checking the label for the words USDA certified organic. Be sure to also check for third party certifications; brands that use renewable energy and are cruelty free should be prioritized.


One of the most reliable third party certifications to be on the lookout for when buying your organic products is the COSMOS standard. This requires that a large percentage of a product’s agro-ingredients be produced organically. The remaining ingredients shouldn’t posse any risk to your health or the environment. 

You can also check for certifications issued by European organizations such as the Soil Association, ICEA, and ECOCERT, which regulate the amount of certified organic ingredients a product must contain as well as ensuring that the rest of the ingredients used are both safe for people and the environment.

The FTC is openly concerned  about products that are marketed as all natural, only to then find out that they contain synthetics such as phenoxyethanol or dimethicone. However, you will not find any sulfates whatsoever in any USDA certified-organic products. So with all this information in mind, which organic shampoos are actually the best organic shampoo for both you and the environment?

Get Clean And Friendly

Crafting an organic shampoo to make the best organic shampoo can actually prove to be quite the challenge. From a technological standpoint, not all ingredients that are essential to manufacturing shampoo can be certified as organic.

Some brands have been able to manufacture shampoos with a careful selection of all natural ingredients, receiving the famous USDA organic certification, while others have done their very best by pairing mainly organic ingredients with a few other essentials. Although some of these essential extras might not be completely organic, they are still natural and very safe to use. 

Buy Organic Shampoo

Finding the best organic shampoo is much easier than making it. Make sure to keep a lookout for ingredients that you may recognize and can pronounce. Go for products that contain oils like coconut, sunflower and olive oil, aloe, green tea, apple cider vinegar and other types of ingredients you would feel safe ingesting.

Organic shampoo works for men and women with any and all hair types and is ideal for those who have sensitive scalps or allergies. This is in stark contrast to cheap shampoos that expose you to harsh chemicals that can do more damage than good to your hair. If you want the best organic shampoo then you will need to pay a little bit extra, but after just one wash with a reputable organic shampoo you will instantly see where that money has been spent.

If you are in need of a hydrating formula for your damaged hair, nourishing ingredients such as shea butter and argan oil are great options. Other ingredients such as green tea, calendula, tea tree oil are also viable alternatives and help to relieve any itching, inflammation or dryness. If you go for the best (organic) shampoo that has these types of ingredients then you will be doing your hair and the environment a big favor.

The Review

Organic Doctor Tea Tree Shampoo

Organic Doctor Tea Tree Shampoo

This purifying shampoo from Dr organic shampoo is made using all natural ingredients such as organic tea tree oil and aloe vera. Dr organic shampoo is guaranteed to cleanse your hair and scalp leaving it revitalised and fresh. Dr organic shampoo will also invigorate as well as soothe and rehydrate your scalp making this the best organic shampoo from dr organic shampoo you can get online. This type of dr organic shampoo is ideal for normal and oily hair types.

Dr organic shampoo use tea tree oil as it is known as a purifying and stimulating essential oil that has been used by the aboriginal people in Australia for centuries. Dr organic shampoo distills this essential oil from the thick aromatic leaves of the Australian tea tree while at the same time leaving its original active compounds intact to ensure that the health benefits sourced from nature are truly captured.

At the end of the day, this dr organic shampoo will leave your hair feeling purified and invigorated and that’s why we think dr organic shampoo the best option you can get.

Organic Doctor Tea Tree, Shampoo

38% Terpinen-4-ol. Formulated using organically certified and natural extracts. Soothes and moisturizes your scalp.


Ethique Shampoo Bar

Ethique Eco-Friendly

The company was founded by Brianne West in 2012, after she made a natural organic shampoo bar, in her science lab. She wanted to make the best organic shampoo to be precise, the best organic shampoo bar as an alternative to the shampoo companies in the market that used billions of plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles that were then being thrown out each year.

Ethique would later grow from a small company working out of a New Zealand kitchen into a fully fledged, award winning international beauty brand that made the best and most eco friendly organic shampoo bar money could buy. They have developed over 40 products, exporting them throughout the world to places such as the United States, Japan, Australia, Taiwan and Hong Kong. 

They have managed to conquer the beauty world one organic shampoo bar at a time and have currently been able to stop over three million plastic bottles from being made and disposed into landfills. This is a beauty product with a conscience and an organic shampoo bar with a purpose.

For those who are suffering from scalp problems, the Heali Kiwi is a special organic shampoo bar full of natural ingredients with unique properties such as kiwifruit oil, neem oil, coconut oil, karanja oil and oatmeal. 

If you are prone to having issues such as a dry itchy scalp or dandruff, then this organic shampoo bar is just the product for you. After just one week of using Heali Kiwi, you hair will feel soft and healthy, and you scalp will no longer be itchy and almost totally flake free. This cruelty-free, eco-friendly organic shampoo bar is pH balanced and completely safe for those with colour treated hair and that’s why we think this is the best organic shampoo you can get.

Ethique Eco-Friendly Solid Shampoo Bar for Dandruff

100% soap free, pH balanced and safe for colour treated hair. Contains neem and karanja oils to help combat dandruff.


Puracy Natural Vegan Hair Shampoo

Puracy Natural Vegan Hair Shampoo

Puracy was founded in Texas and its main focus is to create safe and stylish natural organic vegan shampoo products that work really well. At first, they found that although the organic vegan shampoo was safe to use around children and pets, it was not as effective as it could be.

Puracy would later work tirelessly with a team of chemists, until they were finally able to create a line of natural products as well as an organic vegan shampoo with botanical fragrances that would not pose any risk to the user and the environment. Their products all go through a number of head to head tests against both natural and synthetic competitors. The results make this organic vegan shampoo the best organic shampoo around and super eco-friendly.

Puracy is a small company that believes you shouldn’t have to spend every penny you have just to access a safe and effective organic vegan shampoo. Therefore, the company is very passionate when it comes to minimizing costs as well as maximizing a products performance.

All of the companies products are designed to do more with less. This means that they last longer, use very little packaging and are made using only the purest natural ingredients. They also do not leave behind any residues and are completely safe to use around children and pets. Their organic vegan shampoo is an amazing product that will make you feel good about yourself in every way.

Puracy’s also focuses on providing natural and organic household essentials to those who are in need. For every sale of an organic vegan shampoo, the company donates some of these natural and organic products to those that are less fortunate. They are able to do this through organizations such as Austin’s Children’s Shelter. 

All of the company’s products feature original hand drawn artwork that is exclusively created for each label. Each masterpiece displays the pure, raw beauty of the natural ingredients used in each of the company’s products. 

Puracy’s natural organic vegan shampoo is made using a combination of essential oils, emollients and luxurious cleansers. Also included in this combination of ingredients is squalene, which eliminates static, creates frictionless hair and provides weightless moisture. Puracy Natural designed the product for both men and women with all hair types. 

The balanced aromas of mint and citrus are guaranteed to brighten and energize your bathing experience. The mineral based ingredients used for this product have been carefully chosen by the company and developed into a premium solution making it a trusted source for a natural and organic, child and pet safe, household essential and the best organic shampoo you can buy. 

The proprietary blend of renewable biodegradable ingredients are both family friendly and free from exposure to chemicals or sulphates. We recommend this product highly enough; an added bonus is it’s not too heavy on your wallet.

Puracy Natural Shampoo and Conditioner Set

A uniquely formulated product with world-class blend of ingredients. Includes squalene, which provides weightless moisture, eliminates static, and creates frictionless hair.


Pure Nature Spa Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo

Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner SLS

Pure Nature shampoo is designed to both hydrate and restore your moisture levels. It is a healthy and safe alternative for those with colored and keratin treated hair. This product also contains vitamins and antioxidants that help nourish and repair hair from the daily use of a straightening iron, curling iron and blow dryer.

Professional stylists recommend it for those with all types of hair, especially individuals with curly, fine, frizzy, wavy or thick hair and we think it is the best shampoo you can purchase online.

This shampoo can be applied to all kinds of hair, hydrating and restoring moisture levels as well as providing instant nourishment to damaged hair. This product is also enriched with antioxidants, unsaturated fatty acids and Vitamin E, all essential for keeping your hair healthy, while at the same time allowing you to clean your hair gently that surely qualifies this product as the best organic shampoo. 

It also helps repair any damage that may have been caused by chemicals when dying your hair as well as excessive heat when styling. Accompanied with this shampoo is a conditioner that can be used on all hair types, providing in depth nourishing repair whilst also hydrating and restoring your hairs natural balance. The conditioner restores manageability, elasticity and shine to your hair.

The shampoo itself is enriched with proteins and infused with argan oil, penetrating deep into the hair so that it can rebuild strength and restore elasticity while at the same time repairing any damage that may have been caused by environmental factors such as chemical color treatments or heat stress. It also contains an anti color fade formula leaving your hair not only moisturized but also with a brilliant shine.

This is the best shampoo you can use that also takes care of your health because it does not contain any parabens, chloride or phthalates. Research has shown that the use of sulphates can cause itchy scalp and other types of skin diseases including hair loss. Pure Spa shampoos do not contain these harmful chemicals, in fact this product actually nourishes and moisturizes your hair helping to keep its natural vibrant look as well as leaving your hair soft, shiny and full of life. 

If you want your hair to be straighter and less wild by using a product that softens and gives you control then Pure Spa will do all that and more because it contains Vitamin E that works through the cuticle of the hair, giving you stronger, thicker and younger looking hair.

This product is great value for money, especially with the larger size bottles. Guaranteed satisfaction or your money back.

Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner SLS

Hydrates and restores moisture levels,contains no sulfates, parabens. Perfect for deep nourishing and adds moisture to hair.


Nurture My Body Everyday Shampoo 

Nurture My Body everyday shampoo

Nurture My Body shampoo is specially made for frequent use. It has a large amount of organic properties that are all plant based that help you deep clean your hair and leave it strong, cleansed and shiny. The use of seaweed extract and chamomile helps your hair maintain its natural oil balance, so important for that robust silky look.

The organic compounds nourish and maintain hydration levels and work to compliment any color hair treatment you may be undertaking. There are no harmful toxins in the formula like sulphates, paraben, petrochemicals, or harsh detergents that means this shampoo can be safely as often as you like and wil not leave your scalp dry and flaky with dry looking hair.

This product has some great features like numerous natural oils suitable for normal hair. It’s guaranteed organic plant-based everyday hair product that is suited for color treated hair. It’s sulfate free that means no parabens. We recommend this product because it provides a great amount of moisture to your hair. The organic plant-based ingredients work great for strengthening your hair texture.

Regular use will bring life and body to your hair. It has a mild and pleasant aroma that can be used in a relaxing bath. The only drawbacks are it can seem expensive as compared to other similar shampoos. If you have a sensitive scalp, try adding a few drops of conditioner to your hair after washing with this shampoo.

Everyday Shampoo by Nurture My Body

100% certified organic and fragrance-free shampoo. Safe to use everyday.

Betty Davis
A certified chef by profession but now a full-time grandmother to her eleven grandchildren, Betty encourages our readers to be more engaged in the purchasing process, especially when it comes to the products that we buy and use on a daily basis. This is because the long-term effects of the products we use on our body and the environment are a big deal, but only a few carefully examine these products.

Through Abesmarket, Betty hopes that her contributions can help everyone who would like to be more conscious about the products they purchase, especially those who aim to utilize natural products as a better alternative to the commercial products in today’s market.