Review of the best all natural deodorant and the best men’s natural deodorant, if you have been using the same deodorant since high school we review the best natural deodorant that will help you break the habit of a lifetime.

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Green People Men’s Probiotic Deodorant
  • Anti-irritant formula with fairly traded shea butter
  • Strong anti-bacterial action
  • 85% certified organic components
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Native Natural Deodorant NO Aluminum And Parabens
  • Not a chemistry experiment, and is made without aluminum, parabens, phthalates
  • Feels light and fresh under your arms
  • A solid deodorant that you can apply easily
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Sam’s Natural Vegan Deodoran
  • Offers a variety of distinctive and intriguing scents for every personality or occasion
  • A vegan and cruelty-free product
  • Can be easily applied without the greasy feeling
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JASON Purifying Tea Tree Deodorant
  • One 2.5 oz. stick of JASON Purifying Tea Tree Roll-On Deodorant
  • Clinically tested to effectively control odor for all day protection
  • Made with grapefruit seed extract and tea tree oil
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PiperWai Natural, Organic
  • Stick applicator glides on more smoothly
  • It's natural ingredients create a pH-balanced environment
  • Has a proprietary blend of 11 therapeutic-grade essential oils
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Breaking Bad Habits

Men can be very loyal to their products and brands are not slow to work on that. First, they build up a macho image of the product through design and marketing then they offer loyalty bonuses to keep our faithful guys coming back.

Misguided Loyalty

The problem is the brands we are so loyal to; continued use of their product range can have serious health implications further down the road. They know this, and you better know that they know this! These companies are the first to see the latest research into the chemicals they put into their products like aluminium salts that plug sweat glands to control body odour.

Or ingredients such as talc used to absorb moisture, not to mention parabens, phthalates and artificial fragrances. Men tend to think that without these toxic ingredients, deodorants won’t work. That could not be further from the truth, and natural cosmetics companies are proliferating because of it. Good news for us, bad news for the toxic chemical brigade.

Now Is The Time To Move Over To Natural

According to a study from the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, the use of aluminum based antiperspirants can actually increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s by over fifty percent as you get older. If that was not bad enough there is another study from the University of Reading, that also found a correlation between the increase in breast cancers with the increase in the use of chemical cosmetics, including antiperspirants.

The jury is still out, but if you have the chance to reduce the risk of contracting some type of horrendous illness by simply changing your deodorant to a greener natural variety, you’d be mad not to take it. Not to mention, the best all natural deodorants possess ingredients that are not only safe for your body but also eco friendly and beneficial for ozone as well.

Grooming Is Unmanly

I can remember when male grooming products were considered, well, unmanly, or just for footballers. But thankfully we’ve all moved on and just in time to catch the sweltering commuter train. After a hard day at the office in the middle of summer, with a long commute home to look forward to, what self righteous man would trust some hippie deodorant when they know their 36-hour mega buster of an aerosol-based sweat deflector has never let them down.

So, what happened? Why are we now promoting and seeing all these natural male deodorants that are green, biodegradable and eco-friendly… and men are buying them up by the bucket load? First, we found out that our skin absorbs everything we place on it, and secondly the best all natural deodorant has become really good at stopping manly stink.

What Makes A Deodorant Natural?

Aluminium salts found in most supermarket deodorants are included in formulas because they reduce sweating by blocking the sweat glands. Blocking the sweat glands is not a good idea as you are interrupting the bodies natural functions; don’t mess with mother nature!

The best all natural deodorant, on the other hand, does not use synthetic toxic ingredients but rather rely on plant based extracts and oils that kill smelly bacteria, mask the smell of body odor and stay in tune with your body’s natural rhythms. They are delivered through a stick or a roll on and definitely not through a compressed aerosol. On the whole, you will sweat more but smell less until your body adjusts to the new deodorant, then you will sweat less.

Benefits Of Natural Deodorant

Sweat is our natural temperature control mechanism that removes toxins from the body, if you use the best all natural deodorant you are not contaminating your body with synthetic compounds to control sweat.

Contamination is a real thing. Aluminium, found in cheap deodorants is being linked to breast cancer. Also, phthalates and parabens found in cheap deodorants are potential endocrine disruptors that can interfere with hormones, fertility and your overall general health. If this was not bad enough, some chemicals are not listed on the back of these products as they are only used in the fragrance and therefore classed as proprietary ingredients, allowing the manufacturer to omit their presence. 

This is a scandal and just proves that you cannot trust anything the regulatory bodies in the US or most EU countries do. They are constantly finding ways to mask their unhealthy ingredients because they know they are bad for us but just like the tobacco industry profits come above the public good.

The best all natural deodorant is made by more ethically minded companies whose founders are socially aware and care about the long term health of their customers, the children and the earth in general. They will not test their products on animals and their packaging will leave a much smaller carbon footprint on the environment.

Pro Tips To Prevent Sweating

With the best all natural deodorants you will sweat more which can be embarrassing when on a date or at a job interview. However, it won’t be that bad, and there are ways to combat the big sweat. You can wear an undershirt or a sweater that uses Sweat block. 

Always try to wear cotton and if the issue is particularly bad for you, then try to use a natural deodorant with activated charcoal as that will absorb huge amounts of water and will actually be of benefit to your body when interacting with the sweat glands. As your body gets used to the best all natural deodorant it will sweat less, just remember sweating is a really good thing for your body, it means it’s working very well!


Your body needs to sweat but the consequences of that can be profound. The best all natural deodorant will effectively combat body odor and go some way to absorb excess moisture but will not eradicate it altogether, and nor should you want that. You’re a man after all and meant to smell! However, if you want a stronger scent, the best men’s natural deodorant have products that contain more essential oils that will definitely have you smelling great, if a little less manly.

Below you will find a list of the best natural deodorants for both men and women that we could put together. We have tested these products along with a host of other great natural deodorants but found the ones in our review to be the best for their price range as budget is always an issue. They are not the cheapest but the ones that offer the best value for money. We also provide the links to where you can purchase these products at the best prices.

The Review

Green People Men’s Probiotic Deodorant

Green People Men’s Probiotic Deodorant

Green People was born from the realization that you only need 1% natural or organic ingredients in the formulation to call a product ‘natural’. The owner and founder decided in 1997 to create her own organic creams and salves, carefully tailored to people with allergy-prone skin.

From the beginning product performance and ethical philosophies were never sacrificed for profit. Green People promise to never use aggressive ingredients or synthetic chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulphate, parabens, phthalates, alcohol or synthetic fragrances and to never test on animals.

Green People have been at the forefront in setting natural and organic cosmetic regulations in the UK.

With a growing online presence, Green People have proved that there was a demand for effective organic skin care products. Green People men’s deodorant is an award-winning roll-on that contains prebiotics that work in harmony with the skin’s natural microbiome it is the best natural deodorant on the market. It kills the smelly bacteria that creates body odour and supports the good ones that are so beneficial to skin balance. As a result, it’s ideal for sensitive skin types, and has a pleasant, refreshing scent of thyme and rosemary.

Green People’s deodorant is a naturally effective certified organic roll-on deodorant with a strong antibacterial action and anti-irritant formula made from Shea butter. Prebiotics restrict bacteria and kill the bacteria that cause body odour without clogging pores. On average one stick will last two months and we think this the best natural deodorant around.

Green People Men’s Probiotic Deodorant

Anti-irritant formula with fairly traded shea butter. Doesn't use aggressive ingredients or synthetic chemicals.


Native Natural Deodorant NO Aluminum And Parabens

Native Natural Deodorant NO Aluminum And Parabens

Some natural deodorants might prove to be a bit harsh for those with sensitive skin due to some ingredients, however this natural deodorant from Native manages to find a good balance between gentle and effective. The brand also releases seasonal scents, some more popular ones being bergamot and grapefruit, however it always has vanilla and coconut available, which are also quite lovely and a good reason why we think this the best natural deodorant in its class.

This deodorant is made without the use of any controversial ingredients such as phthalates, parabens, aluminum, and talc. The company had tested hundreds of ingredients before finally discovering a formula that feels fresh and light under your arms, while also providing you with effective protection against wetness and odor. 

This product is a solid deodorant that you can apply with great ease. Furthermore, given how the deodorant itself doesn’t contain aluminum, it will not stain your clothes. This distinguished and high performance formula is cruelty free and strong enough for both men and women. All you have to do is pick your favorite scent making it, for us, the best natural deodorant.

Native Deodorant

Native Deodorant isn’t a chemistry experiment, and is made without aluminum, parabens or other dangerous chemicals. Safe for everyday use.


Sam’s Natural Vegan Deodorant Stick

Sam’s Natural Vegan Deodorant Stick

Sam’s natural deodorant was born out of a need to clean and soften hard working hands and an understanding of why natural deodorant is so necessary. Sam’s natural deodorant is the best men’s natural deodorant but they also offer a full line of natural, vegan and cruelty-free personal care products. Sam’s natural deodorant only uses premium natural ingredients sourced from trusted American suppliers. Their natural deodorant has a subtle spiced mahogany scent infused with scented fragrance of creamy vanilla.

The ingredients within Sam’s natural deodorant include baking soda that will kill odor causing bacteria, coconut oil to counter bacterial and fungal growth whilst at the same time moisturizing the skin, and arrowroot powder for its ability to absorb sweat. This natural deodorant will not prevent sweating which is, after all, a natural function of the body but is good enough for us to say it is the best men’s natural deodorant.

Sam’s Natural Vegan Deodorant Stick

Sam’s Natural offers a variety of distinctive and intriguing scents for every personality or occasion. Scented with fragrance oil.


JASON Purifying Tea Tree Deodorant

JASON Purifying Tea Tree Deodorant

The people at JASON truly know why natural deodorant has the power to improve everyday wellness. Jason natural deodorant pioneers safer, greener personal care by harnessing earth’s bounty of botanicals and essential oils for blends that refresh and restore.

Jason natural deodorant effectively controls odor for all day protection and we think it is a strong contender to be the best men’s natural deodorant. With zinc ricin oleate and baking soda, all unpleasant odors are extinguished to keep you feeling fresh throughout the day. The addition of tea tree oil and vitamin E helps leave underarms feeling softer and smoother. Jason natural deodorant is made with safe, green and biodegradable ingredients that contain no aluminum, parabens, phthalates or glycol.

JASON Purifying Tea Tree Deodorant

One 2.5 oz. stick of JASON Purifying Tea Tree Roll-On Deodorant will make your underarms feel soft and smooth. Effectively controls odor for all day protection.


PiperWai Natural, Organic

PiperWai Natural

This natural deodorant is made without the use of any harmful ingredients such as aluminum, parabens and synthetic fragrances. This product makes the use of charcoal to form an absorbent, pH balanced, invisible shield on your armpits that protects your clothes from perspiration and neutralizes odor. We truly think this natural deodorant with activated charcoal is the best men’s natural deodorant on the market today.

The main reason why this formula uses activated charcoal is because it has the capacity to absorb over a thousand times its own weight in moisture, creating an absorbent shield between your skin and your shirt. That means it keeps you dry, even through workouts, all without blocking your sweat glands like most traditional antiperspirants. Through the use of natural ingredients, this brand has formulated a pH balanced environment where bacteria can’t thrive, leaving you and your clothes smelling fresh with only a single application.

The manufacturer’s secret blend of therapeutic grade essential oils gives this product its unique scent. This deodora1nt is also loaded with skin conditioning ingredients such as cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, and pure vitamin E oil, making it perfect for those with sensitive skin and completely safe for childbearing women.

Given how this product won’t cause a natural deodorant rash, it can be applied immediately after shaving and is gentle enough on eczema. Furthermore, the brand has improved the stick applicator for better consistency, allowing the user to apply the deodorant smoothly while at the same time offering a much more familiar application method.

PiperWai Natural

With a slight tweak for consistency, the improved stick applicator to glide on more smoothly offering a much more familiar application style.


Betty Davis
A certified chef by profession but now a full-time grandmother to her eleven grandchildren, Betty encourages our readers to be more engaged in the purchasing process, especially when it comes to the products that we buy and use on a daily basis. This is because the long-term effects of the products we use on our body and the environment are a big deal, but only a few carefully examine these products.

Through Abesmarket, Betty hopes that her contributions can help everyone who would like to be more conscious about the products they purchase, especially those who aim to utilize natural products as a better alternative to the commercial products in today’s market.