2019 buying guide to the best all natural nail polish and where the naturals nail polish users can find the best natural nail polish on the market.

We all enjoy making sure our nails look good. However, keeping up your nails appearance can come at a heavy cost. Nowadays the amount of toxic chemicals that are used in most varnishes is tremendous and this is becoming more apparent to the public which is why there has been a move toward natural nail polish.

Unforeseen Consequences Of Chemicals

If you have ever tried to take off a gel manicure, then it is possible that you may have ended up also stripping off half of your nail as well. Or maybe after removing a layer of nail polish you were shocked to find your nails looking yellow and gross. These incidents are more common than you think as most manicures end up using harmful ingredients that will damage your nails in the process.

Not only do these chemicals damage your nails, but according to a study from Duke University and The Environmental Working Group, they can actually make their way into your body and cause further harm. There are three main chemicals used in most nail polish formulas that are responsible for causing such damage. These chemicals are toluene, dibutyl phthalate, and formaldehyde. Other chemicals added to this combination include camphor, formaldehyde resin, triphenyl phosphate.

All natural To The Rescue

However there is no need to alarm yourself. Luckily, there are tons of great all natural nail polish on the market today that will make your nails look fabulous without messing with your body.

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics maintains that while the odd manicure should cause you no long term harm, some groups such as salon staff who work with these products on a daily basis are more exposed to phthalates and hence the dangers that this chemical poses.

3-Free For Peace Of Mind

The best all natural nail polish that are manufactured without the use of any toxic ingredients can be identified with their unique ‘free’ label, the most frequent one being ‘3-free’. Vegan nail polishes are starting to become more popular in this day and age, therefore lacquer nail polishes are being developed without the use of any animal derived products as well as being animal friendly.

The founder of the Nails and Brows, Sherrile Riley, has been an advocate for non toxic nail products ever since she opened up her shop four years ago. Her view is that the skin around our cuticles and fingers is absorbent and sensitive, so non toxic polishes tend to be much kinder to our nails, that means there is less chance of inflammation and irritation with them drying out.


The nail industry has greatly improved over the years, with several non toxic formulas being created, showing absolutely no difference in their finishing or wearing time when compared to most other polishes. Upon further testing of these natural varnishes, we focused on all the basics such as colour, endurance and glow. As a result, we have selected some of the best all natural nail polish that are guaranteed to leave your nails looking magnificent while also leaving your body and the environment unharmed.

The Review

Orly Breathable

Orly Breathable

The company was founded in the early 1970s, after an individual by the name of Jeff Pink created an all original French manicure specifically for screen actresses. Thanks to his creation, the family owned brand only became stronger and more popular. One of the brands specialities is making nail polishes with an impressive breathable range. Not only are most of these shades free of toxic chemicals, but they also don’t have to be top coated or based or and are infused with Vitamin C, Vitamin B5 and argan oil.

Our preferred nail polish is this Orly breathable varnish as it offers a calming, nostalgic pink that even pinkophobes can get behind. This unique nail polish can last a full six days, staying in place and without budging upon being applied. This formula is so pigmented that you can easily apply this polish with just a single coat, taking only about ten minutes to dry and leaving you with a shining, high quality finish. We think this product is the best all natural nail polish on the market today.

Orly Breathable

For stronger, healthier looking nails. Breathable formula that prevents chipping and peeling.


Zoya Natural Nail Polish

Zoya Nail Polish

This product uses a ten free formula, making it a prime overachiever when it comes to the best natural nail polish industry. Customer reviews of this product have been considerably high, receiving almost one thousand five star reviews on Amazon. With that being said, it’s safe to say that this product is the real deal.

Founded in the early 1990s, this company was way ahead of the vegan and non toxic trend, priding themselves on becoming the first major vegan friendly and five free brand. There are a variety of different colours to choose from within their collection, however there are a few in particular that tend to catch the attention of many. 

These are the several shades of pink that come in the Quad Nail Polish package. This product is incredibly simple to apply, requiring only three strokes. Despite the misleadingly thin brush, it is recommended that you use three coats along with a top and base coat. The polish dry in around fifteen minutes after being applied and can last up to four days without chipping. These high quality nail polishes are non toxic and come at an affordable price on the market, making this product the best natural nail polish and a product you’ve just got to try.

Zoya Natural Nail Polish

ZOYA Holiday Quads Gift Set in Under the Mistletoe - includes four full-sized (0.5oz) nail polish shades Zana (ZP436), Caresse (ZP319), Lauren (ZP373), and Jill (ZP879). Packaged in a stylish black, window box.


Smith & Cult Holiday Gift Set

Smith & Cult Holiday Gift Set

Packaged in a magnificent looking bottle, this product just stands out on the shelf. The naturals nail polish itself is an eight free formula that protects your nails from some much harsher nail polish ingredients such as resin, camphor, and formaldehyde. Not to mention, this polish is long lasting even for the hard working hand. 

After several days of use the lacquer will still remain unchipped and flawless. Founded by an American beauty veteran by the name of Dineh Mohajer, this company has around thirty five different shades in the eight free range, and have formulated some of the most elegant non toxic polishes on the market. Sometimes it can be rather difficult to find a good glitter polish, which is why this product is so impressive.

All these shades are perfectly smooth with a brilliant glossy shine and full coverage. The nail lacquers are vegan friendly and high performance. This gluten-free formula is formulated without the use of Phosphate, Tosylamide, Xylene, Camphor, Formaldehyde Resin, Dibutyl Phthalate Formaldehyde.

This product takes about ten minutes to dry and unlike most glitters, it is quick to dissolve when removed. The polish will last up to a week without chipping making it the naturals nail polish of choice. Not only is this a great natural vegan product, but it also comes in a beautifully ornate and stylish bottle which is definitely something you will want to display on your dressing table.

Smith & Cult Holiday Gift Set

A set that includes 3 different shades of nail polish. Made without the use of harmful chemicals.

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